Absolute URL

Absolute URL is a URL that contains a full unique web address of a resource.

On the internet, URLs work like an address that helps users to find a particular website or web page just like real addresses which help people to find a specific location.

In absolute URL users have to type the full URL of a web page to reach a particular resource.

You can understand this concept well with the help of this example.


Just like this, you have to write a full-length URL address in your browser to go to the particular web page.

If you have to write a full Unique Web Address of a resource then it is known as an Absolute URL.

Absolute URL contains more information than other URLs or you can say relative URL.

What is the Absolute Path in the URL?

Absolute Path in the URL contains all the elements, meaning the root element and complete list of directories to locate a file in a particular webpage.

The absolute file mostly starts with slash // and follows the Domain name and other details in it.

Why are Absolute URLS Chosen?

Webmaster or website owners sometimes choose absolute URLs because of these reasons. These are the reasons which influence them to use Absolute URL as their main URL or as a supportive URL.

  • To Avoid Scrapers – if you use the absolute URL method then you can make it hard for people to get information about the directory of your site by using scraper programs.
  • Because It Helps in Internal Linking Strategy – Internal linking strategy is considered one of the important strategies of SEO. And absolute URLs help in internal linking strategy that’s why many Webmasters use absolute URLs for this purpose.
  • Avoids Duplicate Content – If anyone wants to avoid the duplication of content in their website then they should definitely use an absolute URL. Because absolute URL disallows duplicate content of a website.

State the Difference Between Relative and Absolute URL?

Although absolute and relative URLs are the type of URLs, there are many differences between the two.

The Absolute word of Absolute URL is taken from the Latin word “absolute and absolvere” which means “To set free or separate”. While the word relative is also taken from the Latin word “relativus” which represents the word “relate“.

Absolute URLs are free from all limitations, restrictions, conditions but In Relative URLs there are some limitations & restrictions.

Relative urls only contain a proportion to the whole address. Absolute URL contains the full address of any content or webpage.

Relative URLs are found dependent in nature, but Absolute Urls are found independent in nature.

Absolute URL is capable of providing whole information about the content to users before going to the site. But Relative URL is not capable of providing complete whole information because some restrictions are there in the relative URL.

In this way, we can see that absolute and relative both the URLs are different from each other but still both the URLs are important as per the point of view of SEO.