An alias is a different name for a computer, object, person, group, or user, and is sometimes known as a nick or handle. An alias is typically used to hide a genuine identity or to replace long names.

What is Alias In Domain?

A domain alias is used to refer to the same content as another, existing domain. For example, can be used to point to the content of Both domains point to the same IP range.

Domain alias can have its DNS zone, special DNS entries, and separate mail service.

Advantages Of Domain Alias

A domain alias has the following advantages:

  • When someone calls up the domain alias in the web browser, the content of www. is displayed. Domains that have been registered but are not actively in use can at least be used in this way. Many visitors enter company names or brands with a domain at random. This can be used by reserving and redirecting to
  • The main advantage of registering additional domains is that competitors cannot register them.
  • If you have the email address info @ on the main domain, then the email address [email protected] also works. You don’t have to manage the email addresses twice.

From the point of view of search engines, domain aliases are not directly beneficial. As long as the different domains are just different entrance doors for the same content, this is usually recognized as a duplicate and there is no benefit.

Most of the time, it is more successful to focus on one brand/domain than to get bogged down.

If Google includes its content under several domains in the index, this is more of a disadvantage for its positions on Google.

In addition, the statistical evaluation of visitors is made more difficult if the same page appears under different URLs in the statistics.

What Is Alias In Email?

An alias email address is another email address that you can create in your existing email account. If you send an email with the alias address, only this email address can be seen by the recipient.

If he replies to this, you will receive the email in your usual mailbox at your normal email address.

Why Use an Alias Address?

Different email addresses can be used for different purposes, but with alias addresses, you can manage all these email addresses via one mailbox.

So you can easily use a different address for communicating with your employer than for chatting with friends.

However, such an email alias address is also very suitable for avoiding possible spam: You can create it as a one-time email address, such as for a competition, a newsletter, or similar, and then use it again.

This way you reduce the risk of criminals, data traffickers, or spammers getting your real email address, which you cannot easily delete or change.

In addition, with alias addresses, you can easily find out whether online providers are not passing their data on to third parties.

If you only use an alias address to register with an online service and later receive advertising and the like from a different sender, you know that the online actor has given your email address to third parties without permission.