Alt text

Alt-text is a short description of an image that describes the image and its function.

When users failed to download any image from the site then the text that appears on the screen is known as alt text.

Alt-text is also known as alternative text, alt attributes, alt descriptions, and alt tags.

When you upload a post with some images then those images have alt text. Alt text helps people in SEO ranking.

Why Alt text is Important?

People use alt text in their post’s images for many reasons. Some of the reasons have been mentioned below –

  • Alt text helps search engine crawlers in crawling images and helps them in indexing the images correctly.
  • If the websites fail to show the image, alt text will appear as a backup that provides information about that image.
  • Alt-text is also used for improving the accessibility of the image.
  • It also helps people with SEO-related things.

How to Write Alt text?

When it comes to SEO, writing alt text on an image is very important. Because alt text helps in Ranking and it helps blind or visually impaired people to understand what is happening in an image.

That’s why it is always advisable to write alt text on your images.

To get better results you can add keywords in an image alt text but don’t do keyword stuffing.

While writing an alt text remember these things –

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Keep it descriptive
  3. Easy to understand

Example of an alt text :

Assume that you are uploading a scenery image as your post.

So when you write alt text don’t write scenery image in alt text instead write how the image looks like means if it is a night picture then write “beautiful night scenery”.

Always Add Alt Text In Your Images!

Whenever you upload any image in your post always remember to add an alt tag on that image. Because when you add alt text you make sure that your site has been optimized in search engine.

How to Add Alt Text to Your Images

Adding alt text in an image is very easy. If you don’t know how to add alt text then you can copy the further steps.

Go to the dashboard of your site whether it is WordPress or Blogspot.

Then click on Add new image button and then upload the image.

After uploading the image when you click on that you will get alt text blank space.

Write alt text there and then click on the Add image option to complete the process.

Is Alt text Good for SEO?

Yes, Google is very good for SEO because it helps your image and content to be ranked on the search engine result page.

Does Google Read Alt text?

Google algorithm reads alt text of an image and indexes them correctly.

Who Benefits from Alt text?

The blind or visually unstable person will be benefited from alt text.

Do Image Names Matter for SEO?

Image names matter in different aspects of SEO and in ranking factors.