Broken Link

A broken link refers to a hyperlink of a website that is connected to a non-existing or an empty webpage.

Broken links are those links that do not exist or show errors like “404 not found error“.

In simple terms, the link which does not work properly is considered a broken link.

When a webmaster or a website owner adds any link in their webpage but removes the link. Then that link will be considered a broken link.

At the point of your SEO, broken links are very harmful to a website because it not only badly affects the reputation of the site but also decreases the traffic.

If a website contains so many broken links in it then It is known as
Link Rot.

What is a Broken Link in SEO?

In SEO, the link which shows a page not found or a 404 problem to their visitor then it is called a broken link.

Broken links are very annoying because they don’t provide any content to the visitors and waste their time.

A broken link badly affects the SEO of the website and gives a bad impression on visitors.

That’s why it’s very mandatory for every website owner to fix the broken link of the website.

What Are The Types of Broken Links?

Broken links are found in two different types –

1. Internal broken links,

2. External broken links.

Internal Broken Links

Internal broken links are the links that are connected to one page of the website from another.

If any internal links are found broken then they must be removed from the webpage soon because that can affect SEO very badly.

External Broken Links

The links of a website that belongs to a different website and it is broken then it is called External broken links.

Webmaster must check the external link Whether it is broken or not before adding the link to the site.

What Causes Broken Links?

Broken links are not automatically converted to defective links. The most common causes of broken links are as follows –

While renaming or moving a webpage, when the Webmaster forgets to change the internal links then the link gets broken.

When the Webmaster tries to add content like PDFs and videos to a web page then broken links can occur.

How Do You Fix Broken Links?

The process of fixing broken links is very easy. A website owner can easily fix the broken link of their website by following the steps –

First login to the Google search engine console of the website.

When you reach the Google search console navigate to Coverage by clicking on the navigation menu.

A new page will be open, here you’ll get all the broken links or sites found by Google on your website.

After getting the list of broken links, users can easily fix those links by asking Google to validate the fixes.

What is a Broken Link Checker?

Broken link checker is the tool that is used for scanning your web page or the website for checking whether the site provides broken links or not.