Citation refers to a way to show a certain portion of your content has been taken from another source.

In simple words, we can say that a citation is a reference to the source of information that is used in a particular content.

Citation not only provides information about copied content but it also provides this kind of information too –

  • Citation gives information about the author.
  • It provides information about the title of the content.
  • It also indicates the name and company which publishes the content.
  • Citation also includes the date of publication of your content.
  • If you borrow any page number from other sources then citation also indicates this information to your readers.

What are Examples of Citations?

For providing you with better knowledge about citations I shared these examples –

  1. Author name
  2. Content title
  3. Journal Title
  4. NumberVersion
  5. Publication Date
  6. Page number

These are the biggest examples of citations.

What are the Types of Citation?

Citations are found in three different types named as : American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA) and Chicago that supports Notes and Bibliography & Author-Date.

These citations are used for different purposes by different people.

American Psychological Association – this type of citation is mostly used in the field of education, science and psychology.

Modern Language Association – modern language Association is mostly used by humanities for giving credit to the original owner.

Chicago, which is also popular as Turabian, is mostly used by Business people. This type of citation is also used in history and fine arts.

When should a Blogger / Website Owner use Citations ?

When a blogger or website owner takes content ideas from other sources then it is mandatory for them to use citation for giving credit to the original owner of the content.

In this type of situation it is suggested to blogger/website owner to use citation –

  • At the time of using quotes in your content.
  • At the time of doing paraphrasing.
  • At the time, you used the idea of someone else in your content then citation is a must for giving credit.
  • At the time of making a specific reference to content.
  • At the time when you expressly show others’ works in your blog or website.

How do you Write Citations?

Writing a citation or giving a formal reference to the source from where the idea has been taken is very easy. According to the fields the citations are written in different manners.

If you want then you can write citations in single text forms using brackets and signs.

Or you can give credit to the original owner at the bottom of your content.

And if you want to give proper citation to the original owner of the information you used in your content then you can use the bibliography method.

Does Citation Reduce Originality of a Content?

No! Citation does not reduce the originality of content. Instead of reducing the originality of a content citation helps readers to make a difference between your content and the content of your source. In this way, citation helps you by increasing the originality of your work.