Click Bait refers to the text or image which are specially designed to grab the attention of visitors to follow a certain link or content, or to view & listen to particular content.

Clickbait just triggers the curiosity of visitors by providing exciting headlines of their interest.

Clickbait is a kind of fraud because it uses human emotions to increase the traffic of their website.

In simple words you can understand that ClickBait is a misrepresentation of the information provided in a particular content.

Why Clickbait is Done?

Clickbait is done just to attract the viewers attention. Clickbait is against the rules of SEO.

That’s why it was suggested that not to do Clickbait for increasing traffic of any website. But you can do it in a more healthy manner so that you don’t deviate from your original content.

Clickbait is mostly found in YouTube because most of the content available in youtube use clickbait technique for increasing views in their channel.

What is an Example of Clickbait?

To understand the concept of Clickbait let’s take an example of a blogger!

Suppose your website provides information about blogging in your blog. And you share an article on the topic “How to become a blogger ?”

In this article, you shared only relevant and important information about how to become a blogger but you did not share any magical trick.

But to gather more viewers, you use “How to become a blogger in One night ?

This kind of title may give you viewers but viewers do not get that information what they came for.

This kind of fraud is known as Click Bait.

What is the Purpose of Click Bait?

Clickbait is mostly used for Increasing page views on a website.

Clickbait can be done for fulfilling their own purpose or for increasing online ads revenues.

Clickbait is also used for selling online courses.

Fraud websites mostly used Clickbait for malpracticing or for stealing the data of the users.

Why is Clickbait Bad?

If your website is not a fraud website but you use Clickbait for increasing views then it will also affect the performance of your website.

  • Clickbait will increase the bounce rate and because of the click Bait, search engine algorithms start hating your website
  • Clickbait has no capacity to make users stay on the website
  • Clickbait is always treated as bad because it creates a bad impression on visitors.

Where do you Find Click Bait?

Clickbait is found almost everywhere on the internet. That’s why Users can’t avoid it.

You can see clickbaits on blogs, social media, and on YouTube also.

Websites like weather reports and news agencies give ads space to Clickbait content.

How to Recognise Clickbait?

You can find Clickbait through pleasing headlines and images.

Because sometimes it really becomes hard to spot the difference between legitimate headlines and clickbait.

But in every click baits some very common elements always spotted. And these elements are vague headlines & enticing images.

For the news websites, Clickbait is acceptable because it is necessary for them to write creative headlines for gaining the attention of the viewers.