Domain Authority

Domain authority is an important factor of SEO popularly known as Search Engine Optimization. It is a measure that helps bloggers to check the performance of their website in search engine results.

Domain authority is developed by Moz which is the best search engine rankings score.

It gives 1 – 100 rating to the website. This rating shows how well a website is doing in search engine results.

Domain authority is shortly pronounced as DA. Different websites have different domain authorities.

If your website has good domain authority that means your website will be ranked in search engines and your website will get more traffic also.

After 3 months of starting your blog, you will get the DA between 10 to 30. When your blog becomes old then you will get more DA.

The domain authority of any website never remains constant. The domain authority differs from time to time according to the performance of your website.

If your site has good domain authority then you will get more traffic in the future but if your site does not have good domain authority then you have to improve your website for getting better results in the future.

How to Check Domain Authority?

There are many tools available on the internet which allow you to check your domain authority. Among all tools, Moz Open Site Explorer is considered the best tool for checking domain authority.

You can easily use this tool for checking the domain authority of your blog. You just need to put the domain address of your site in the given place.

After putting the domain address in the tool, the latest DA score of your website will appear on the screen.

There is no certain base for checking domain authority. Moz systems use 40 different factors for giving correct domain authority to any website.

The Moz system judges the website on the basis of how old your domain is, how many links are linked with your website, and so on.

How to Improve the Domain Authority of a Blog?

If you don’t have good domain authority and want to get better results in search engine optimization. Then don’t worry I will give you some tips on the domain authority of your blog.

But before sharing any tips I must say that for improving domain authority you have to focus on link building. The ways of improving the domain authority of a blog have been shared below.

If you really want to improve your blog’s domain authority then try to get backlinks from trusted sites.

Internal linking is also a very important factor for improving the domain authority of a blog. If you want to see better results in the performance of your website then Add 2 or 3 links to the website.

Try to improve the hosting service offer website so that your website will open fast.

For improving the domain authority of your blog, you have to do social media marketing for your website. Social media marketing will help you get more visitors to your website.

What is a Good Domain Authority ?

An average domain authority lies between 40 to 50. 50 to 60 domain authority is considered good. If your blog has more than 60 Domain Authority then it will be considered excellent.

Excellent Domain Authority> 60
Average Domain Authority30 – 60
Bad Domain Authority< 20

Which Websites have the Highest Domain Authority ?,,, are the sites that have the highest domain authority.