Dwell Time

Dwell time represents the period of time a user spends on a particular website before going back to the search engine result page.

People have misconceptions about Dwell time. But the term Dwell time is very easy to understand.

Dwell Time Definition

In simple words, we can say that Dwell time is the actual length of time a Google searcher spends after clicking on a particular website of search results people returning to SERPs.

Dwell time is the duration between when a user clicks on the result of SERPs and when the user returns to the result.

The more time a user spends on a website the more benefits the blogger gets. Dwell time is a very important aspect of SEO.

Is Dwell Time Important?

Dwell time is the most important SEO factor which most bloggers avoid. The Dwell time metrics show the real-time duration a user spends on a particular website.

Dwell time represents the performance of the website. Using this matric one can improve the performance of their website.

How do you Calculate Dwell Time?

Calculating Dwell time is very easy. For calculating the Dwell time of your blog or website you don’t have to put in any effort. Because you can calculate Dwell time just by looking at the “Average Session Duration” in Google analytics.

Average session duration gives you information about how long a visitor stays on your website in a particular session. So Dwell time can be calculated by the total average session duration of all sessions divided by the number of sessions held.

You can easily calculate the Dwell time of your blog or website from Google analytics. Through Google analytics users can also check the Dwell time of a particular blog post also.

How can I Improve My Dwell Time?

If you have poor dwell time on your website then you can improve your dwell time just by applying the below-given steps.

The very most important factor for improving dwell time is providing the best user experience and providing creative & unique content to the users.

The detailed information for improving the dual time of the website has been mentioned below.

Optimize the First Impression of Your Website

For improving the dwell time of any website users have to focus on the optimization of the first impression of a website.

You can improve dwell time by improving the page loading speed, design, layout, mobile optimization, and ads & pop-ups.

Focus on the Needs of the Users

After providing an optimized first impression to the users. Now focus on the needs of the users means why users will go through your website/ which type of content you are going to serve to your users.

You can serve unique and creative content to your targeted audience by focusing on the right keywords, understanding the needs of your user, and by writing longer content.

Make your Content More Readable

Readability is one of the most important factors for improving Dwell time. If your website provides a good readability feature to the users then users will spend more time on your website consuming your content.

What is a Good Dwell Time?

According to Google Analytics, a minute or 2 minutes is considered a Good dwell time. A second or less than a second is considered as a poor dwell time.