Exact Match Domain

When a domain name exactly matches with users’ search query then it is known as Exact Match Domains.

Exact match domains help the Webmaster in increasing the traffic of the website.

For e.g, if you pick a domain name like Onlineshoeprice.com which is fully matched with the search query “online shoe price” then your domain will be treated as exact match domains.

It is the shortcut trick to drive more viewers in search engine results which is not acceptable by SEO.

That’s why it is always advisable for both Webmaster and website owner to avoid doing this kind of trick.

EMD domains are only used for boosting the traffic on a site.

How Important is Exact Match Domain?

Earlier exact match domains are found at a very cheap price as compared to the other domains.

Sometimes exact match domains prove good as per the point of view of the users.

Because when anyone uses an exact match domain then it helps users to understand the website before going to the website.

That reduces the searching time of the users. When users go to your website don’t forget to share valuable or important content on your website.

By providing good content website owners can win the trust of the users.

Trusted users also buy the product and service of your site.

What is the Problem With Exact Match Domains?

The main problem with exact match domains is that EMD domains provoke spamming because their URL fully matches the search results.

You can see the best Example of exact match domains in pirated movies websites and in affiliate marketing websites.

By using this kind of domain, there are a large number of website owners who do malicious practice and spamming.

Exact match domains are considered as part of Black hat hacking.

Does Google Penalize Exact Match Domains?

Yes! Google penalizes exact match domains because there is a penalty in the Google algorithm for exact match domains.

Google treats exact match domain sites as corrupted and low-quality content sites.

With the help of the Exact match domain, a low content website is easily ranked in search engine results which decreases the motivation of those websites that share more valuable content than this kind of website.

This is the main reason why Google does not support exact match domains and charges a penalty against this type of website.

How to Recover the Penalty on the EMD Website?

If you want to avoid a penalty in an EMD website and want to use an Exact match domain for your website then you should use your brain while searching for a name for your website.

To avoid the penalty, you should use Prefix or suffix of the search query instead of the same word in your domain name.

This type of domain name also works like an EMD domain and helps website owners to get more users on their website.

By using this trick you cannot only avoid penalties but also get good traffic.

Do exact match domains still work?

Yes! Exact match domains still work as an unwanted but important part of SEO.