Google Brandy Update

Google Brandy Update was carried out in 2004 and took place after the so-called Austin update. Here, evaluation criteria that were previously introduced have been relaxed for users.

The Google Brandy Update changed the data. However, the ranking algorithms have not been changed.

The Austin update, carried out a few weeks before the Brandy Update, had led to some changes in the search results on Google.

These should now be compensated for by the Google Brandy Update.

Effects of Google Brandy Update

As a result of the Google Brandy Update, some websites that were deleted from the index could be reactivated.

Spam websites that caused trouble after the Austin and Florida updates have been sorted out, as have some affiliate sites.

In addition, the category of dynamic websites has been included in the Google index even more than before. Therefore, links that were generated dynamically could ultimately be recognized much better and rated even more strongly.

Another effect of the Google Brandy Update was that duplicate content and mirrored websites were now recognized much better.

The search results that Google users were able to use following the Google Brandy Update received a positive rating, as the Google Brandy Update adapted the restructured algorithms accordingly and made them less stringent than before.

Benefits for Webmasters after Brandy Update?

Before the Google Brandy Update started, almost forty percent of the web pages that were scanned by Google could not be found in the index.

The Brandy Update reduces the number of scans that cannot be found.

If around 40 percent of the crawled websites were not in the index before the update, it was only around 20 percent afterward.

Expressed in numbers, this had the positive effect that the number of websites listed in Google’s index was increased by around one billion pages.

The Google Brandy Update was also responsible for making changes to websites that blog sites used to explicitly direct many links there.

These websites could be partially removed from the index or even punished by using the Google Brandy Update. Therefore, the Google Brandy Update has been rated positively by many website administrators and webmasters.

What is Important After the Google Bourbon Update?

For users to be able to find a corresponding website quickly, the page needs a good and high page rank.

The Google Brandy Update means, like in principle every update, a renewed adjustment to the current criteria for all website operators.

This means that the regular updates are a tried and tested means for website operators and users to always be able to fall back on current performance.

The effects of the Google Brandy Update on on-site optimization are always to be seen in connection with the two previous updates.

It is still important for the operator of a website to generate good content with a keyword density of at least three percent.

This is a generally used benchmark that can lead to success. The text of the website should of course be structured with headings, the title and the meta-information should also be optimized.

Even with the off-site optimization, attention should now be paid to the respective quality of the links.

The number of backlinks used is certainly still important, but now the quality of the links and the page rank of the linked websites also count as a supplementary criterion for the ranking.

One advantage of the Google Brandy Update is that the rating has been weakened a bit compared to the previous Austin update, so even poor quality links do not immediately lead to a Google penalty.