Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Panel is an information box that appears on the right top corner of Google search results.

When a web user searches about any entities like people, place & organization then Google shows an information box related to their search.

This information acts as a knowledge graph and helps users to get a quick snapshot of information.

Google launched a knowledge panel feature in web search in the year 2012.

How do I Create a Knowledge Panel for a Person?

If you want to create a knowledge Panel for a person to increase their business. Then you can follow these steps.

  • For creating a knowledge panel, first, you have to create a Wikipedia page.
  • You should also try to be active on Social Media platforms
  • Then you have to Implement a Schema Markup plan
  • After that, you should create your local directories in Google.

How do I Find My Knowledge Panel?

If you already applied for your knowledge panel then you have to verify your representative entity by following these steps

First, you have to ensure that you have a Google account, in case if you don’t then create your Google account now.

After that go to the Google search bar.

Then search your name or your entity name in the search bar.

When you search a new page will be open, scroll the page down and click Claim this knowledge panel option.

After the click, review the information given about features available after the verification.

Then sign in to your Google account on different social media platforms like YouTube, Search Console, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Why Should you Claim Knowledge Panel?

If you have a business or you are a brand then you must claim a knowledge panel because of these reasons.

  • Knowledge panel helps you to control the content of your brand
  • It ensures highlighted and accurate information.
  • It also helps you to manage your social media account.
  • By using a knowledge panel, you can choose Featured images for your brand info.

What is Included in the Knowledge Panel ?

A knowledge panel that appears on the right side of the web search results includes these things –

  • First and most important brand or entity name.
  • It includes a description of your brand.
  • The knowledge panel includes complete information about your brand or business.
  • It also includes the history of the brand.
  • The Knowledge panel also contains your contact details.
  • The featured image also appears in the knowledge panel.

Who gets a Google Knowledge Panel?

Not everyone can get a Google knowledge panel. There are some criteria that must be satisfied for getting a knowledge panel.

First, you must have a renowned brand or business.

If you want to get a knowledge panel for yourself then you have to be popular as a celebrity.

How do I Update My Knowledge Panel?

You can easily update your knowledge panel by using these steps –

First, go to Google.

Then sign in to Google with the account you created for your search panel.

After signing in, check whether your activity is turned on or not.

Now search your entity in Google search then click on the information you want to change.