Link Density

The number of external sites that have linked to yours is known as Link Density. Because link density is used by search engines to determine the order of results, having a high link density is critical.

In some ways, link density and link popularity are analogous. Link density is a more general term than link popularity, which refers to the popularity or value of a website that links to yours.

The links to your home page from your site’s subpages are also included in the link density. You can emphasize the importance of the home page by placing a link to it on every subpage within your page.

How Links are Important for a Website?

Links are of immense importance to the Internet. If there were no links, websites would be completely isolated.

You’d have to type the URL into the browser’s input field every time you wanted to visit another website. Links are used to connect websites to one another.

Probably Google’s most important algorithm to date, PageRank, measures how many websites link to a certain page and uses this (and certain other factors) to calculate how this website is in relation to all other websites.

All search engines use links to define the ranking in the search results.

How Many External Links Should I added in Single Webpage?

Google removed a rule from its guideline a few years ago which explained that we could have 100 links on a page before having a sanction.

In fact, Google realized that some SEO specialists and other webmasters thought that when they had 102 links on a page, they were going to be penalized, which was not especially the case.

Suddenly, Google decided to remove this rule and now explains to webmasters that they must keep a reasonable number of links from their website.

We should not look too closely at the number of links we have on our web page because if we have 300 useful and valuable links on our page, we do not risk much because it has become quite common today.

However, you should always be careful not to exaggerate and not to place spammy links in order to distort your results in the search engines.

But, if Google has decided to no longer set a limit of links on a page, it goes without saying that what seems to be spammy in the eyes of Google with a number of links far too high compared to the importance of the website, the search engine will reserve the right to penalize the site in question.

How Many Internal Links per page is Considered Safe?

Unfortunately, there is no consensus answer! The number of your links, however, depends on the length of your content.

You need to add several to give structure to your website, but not too many. As a general rule, try to embed 3-4 internal links in the content of your pages.

Keep in mind that it’s better to have a few quality links rather than too many inconsistent links!