Meta Title

Meta Title is an important part of SEO means Search Engine optimization.

A website can’t optimize without the meta title because meta title provides information the same as web title but it is different from it.

Meta title performs the role of a name tag for web pages. The meta title is readable by both search engine robots and users.

Meta title gives short information about the webpage search engine and readers.

It also refers to the title of an HTML document that displays in web search as well as Search Engine Results.

Meta title shows in the header of a webpage it helps search engines to understand the content of a website or a particular web page.

How do you Write a Good Meta Title?

If you want to write a good meta title then you must consider these things before writing any meta title.

  • Write a short meta title but make it sweet and unique.
  • Your meta title must have a call to action because it triggers the viewers to go to the web page.
  • Meta title must have a focus keyphrase.
  • While writing a meta title don’t forget to match the title and description of your webpage.

What is the Difference Between Title and Meta Title ?

The term title and meta title look very similar and also act quite the same. The difference between title and meta title is as follows.

The word title represents the name of the content whereas the word meta title represents a content idea of a particular web page.

The title acts as a title but the meta title acts as a name tag.

What is the Similarity Between Title and Meta Title ?

Just like the difference, there are some similarities between title and meta title. It is shown below –

  • Title and meta title both include main keywords.
  • Title and meta title both crawl by search engine robots.
  • The title and meta title is both shown in the web search result.

How do I Create a Meta Description?

If you want to create a meta description that fulfills all the requirements of Search Engine optimization then you should definitely keep these things in mind.

For writing better maida descriptions use key phrases in the description but try to use it in a unique way.

Try to place the keyword near the title in a non-forceful way.

While writing a meta description don’t only think about SEO but try to consider readers too.

Write a meta description in a way that provides value to both SEO and readers.

Keep your meta description within 50 to 60 characters.

Always write different and unique meta descriptions for every web page.

How do you Find the Meta Title?

If you want to know whether a web page has a meta title or not then you can easily check it just by following the given steps.

First right click on the search result content whose meta title you wanna see.

Then click on the View Page Source.

After that click, a new page will be open. Here you can see the title and meta tags.