Natural Links

Natural Links are links that are willingly posted on a blog/website by other users by nature, and these can also be called Organic Links.

Users/visitors who search the internet for information by searching search engines, and find websites that have a lot of useful information.

It will be easier to get natural links or organic links, and this will certainly increase the position of the website in search engines.

Natural Link SEO Effects for Websites

Natural links from websites that have low quality can be considered by Google as spam.

While websites that have high-quality content will give Google the impression that the website has high trust from visitors and this will be evaluated by Google as a website that can be used as a reference to find useful information.

While websites that use unnatural links will be seen as useless websites and only want to chase traffic without having quality content. And websites like this could get a final penalty from Google.

And in the end, this site will have a bad SEO effect. And it is difficult for the website to rank at the top of the search page.

Aspects of a Good Quality Link?

Let’s get to know the major aspects of a Good Quality Link.

1. Links from Natural Sources

The meaning of a link from a natural source is a link obtained from another website created by someone other than yourself.

This happens because quality content can be used as a good reference and links also come from websites that have good and quality content as well.

If the link is made by yourself with the web itself, it can be said to be cheating or can be categorized as Black Hat.

A good link must also have the characteristics of a high-quality link or a natural link that is easy for search engines to evaluate and use as a reference as a k. Most importantly incoming or outgoing links from the website have benefits for visitors.

2. Links are from Frequently Updated Sites

It is not uncommon for natural links to come from a good website, usually links from sites that are always updated or sites that have content that is always being upgraded.

Unlike the case with links from fraudulent results, which have the following characteristics:

  • Content is not always updated or upgraded
  • Low-quality content
  • The character of the content is sometimes irrelevant to the link

Links from unnatural sites usually have content that is not always updated and this will have no effect on the site. And Google algorithms like Penguin and Panda can detect this.

3. There is a lot of Inbound Traffic to Linker Sites

One of the characteristic features of high-quality natural links is that the linking site is always updating and improving the content and has good traffic.

4. IP Address and Domain

The evaluation of a large number of links by Google today is getting more and more stringent. The quality of links from each site is currently a major consideration by Google.

If a website gets a large number of links but comes from the same IP address and domain.

This can be categorized as spam, unlike natural links that come from different IP addresses and domains.

5. Relevant Relationship between Content and Link

The more relevant the source and destination of the link, the more it is a hallmark of a good quality link.

Natural links usually refer to content (links) that are highly relevant to the content of the link source.

6. Links With Clear Text

Good links usually contain keywords that tend to be easy to understand, while unnatural links usually contain a large number of keywords that are created just to get high traffic.

There is currently a tendency to evaluate external links that use non-natural anchor text, such as anchor text containing “page title”, “URL”, and “text navigating the link’s destination”, as natural links.

7. Non-Spam Links

Most of the paid links or buy/sell links have started to be detected as spam and of no value to visitors, and those links are of bad character and Google has detected that they are only spam.

Whereas Non-Spam Links originate from naturally generated links.