Noarchive Tag

Noarchive tag is an important aspect of SEO. Noarchive tags say Google not to store the caches of the web page.

It controls the cached copy of the page. It is important for webmasters to create Noarchive tags for their websites.

Noarchive tag won’t cause any problem to the website. It helps you to maintain the speed of your website.

Full Information About Noarchive Tag

As you know, meta tags allow you to determine the process of how Google will crawl your website.

Just like meta tag, Noarchive tag is also a tag but it has no connection with crawling. It determines whether the web page contains any Cache or not.

When you create a web page then You think of enabling all the required and potential options.

When you enable this kind of potential on your web page then there becomes a chance that Google will start capturing cache for the web page.

Noarchive tags don’t influence search engine rankings.

Noarchive tags simply tell Google not to cache a particular web page.

It just says that your web page doesn’t need any cache. Because if Google stores caches of your website then may your website performance will decrease.

How Can I Create a Noarchive Tag ?

So if you don’t want Google to store your web page cache then you can create a Noarchive tag this way.

For creating Noarchive tag, you can use the given snippets of coding.

Write meta name in capital letters then write the name & content then write Noarchive. Write all the coding in capital letters. Just like given examples.

You can use the following snippets of coding:


Or, you can use Google-specific coding:


The first implementation applies to all robots. The second one applies to Googlebot.

Or if you face any issue in coding then you can create a Noarchive tag by using Google-specific coding. Write Google-specific coding in this way.

If Google Stores Caches of Web Pages then is it a Good Thing ?

If Google stores the caches of web pages then it can be a good thing.

For say: In case your web page gets down because of cache then also people can reach your pages.

Google gives a text-only version of the web page that provides an overall idea about how Google will see your web page.

Can You Get Penalized for Using Noarchive?

It’s a Great No. Because Google has stated that there’s nothing wrong with using the tag. As per Google, this tag only works on removing the “Cached” link for the page.

But, like always Google will continue to index the page and display a snippet.

When Should you Use Noarchive Tag ?

Let’s get to know when exactly you should be using the Noarchive Tag:-

You can use this tag under this situation –

  • You should use Noarchive tags when you don’t publish a post to everybody or when you publish any sensitive content. The noarchive tags will stop Google from Caching your site.
  • If you don’t want any advertising content to store cache then you can use it.
  • You can use Noarchive tags for avoiding PPC landing pages appearing in front of everybody.
  • You can use this tag for hiding Internal documents from the Public.
  • Whenever you feel that you want to hide any content from people then you can assuredly use Noarchive tags.
  • Try to connect with famous Facebook groups and make connections with popular Facebook page owners.

The above-stated situation allows users to use Noarchive tags for their websites.

In this way, we get the point that How Noarchive tags are important for a website.