Orphan Pages

The website pages which is not linked with your website or other web pages of your site are known as orphan pages.

Hence orphan pages do not belong to any other pages. So it becomes difficult for users to access the pages.

These orphan pages miss the attention of crawlers because these pages don’t belong to any website.

These pages are not indexed by Search Engines.

So if you want to make your pages get found by the crawlers then you have to connect these pages with your site.

How Do You Find Orphan Pages?

You can find any option pages just by following the five given steps –

  • First, you need to get a full list of the pages of your current website.
  • After that, you need to run crawlers websites without adding any additional inbound links.
  • Now you need to analyze the audit result.
  • When you analyze your result then you will definitely find orphan pages.
  • If you don’t find any orphan pages then don’t worry but if you found some then try to resolve your orphan pages.

How do I Fix an Orphaned Page in WordPress?

According to my understanding, WordPress is the best way to fix orphaned pages because by using WordPress you can easily fix orphaned pages in just a few steps.

For fixing orphaned pages, you need to install and activate the Export All URLs plugin.

After that selection, your type means you have to select posts, pages, and other custom post pages.

Then you need to select all data which specifically means URLs, Tittles, and categories of your website.

Select your post status published.

You need to choose .CSV as Export type.

In these ways, you can find orphaned pages of your website and you can fix them very well too.

What is the Impact of Orphaned Pages on SEO ?

Orphaned pages are really very bad for SEO. Because search engine assumes orphaned pages no use and avoid crawling.

Not only search engines like Google but other crawlers also don’t give importance to these pages.

Orphan pages also reduce website traffic and create problems in the ranking of the website. Overall we can say that orphaned pages have a negative impact on SEO.

If you found any Orphaned pages on your site then remove them as soon as possible.

Are Orphan Pages Bad?

Yes! Orphan Pages are bad because these pages are neither good for users nor it good for crawlers. That’s why it is always advisable to avoid orphan pages.

Because both the users and crawlers can’t access the orphan pages.

Orphan Pages are also bad for website owners because sometimes these pages cause big content loss.

These pages make users frustrated because it just user consumes time and searching experience.

Can Orphan Pages Rank?

Orphan pages never rank because these pages are not acceptable by SEO.

If your website has Orphan pages then your website will never rank. And you also won’t get traffic because users won’t able to reach your content.