Pagerank Update

PageRank Update is the update of the version of PageRank. Pagerank update is mostly done by Google.

Google updates the PageRank according to their choice. When a new page rank update comes the data of page rank also improve.

Page rank update improves the old data of page rank. In simple terms, you can understand page rank update as a snapshot. This example is given by Adam Lasnik for interpreting this term.

When the new update of Page rank comes it takes some time or a few days time explore all the servers and stabilize Google.

Pagerank update doesn’t affect the page rank score of your website. Because when the page rank update comes no lifting in traffic is seen.

What Does PageRank Stand For?

The word PageRank refers to the method of Google, placing web pages in the search engine result page. It represents the algorithm and system that Google uses to score web page in search results.

It also shows the importance of a web page by giving scores. Pagerank work as a counting tool that counts the quality number and importance of a particular website.

Pagerank helps the website to place your website on the first page of Google search results. It mostly gives numbers within 10.

So if your website page rank score is more than 5 then your website is doing really great in Google.

How do I Check My Website Pagerank Score ?

If you want to check the page rank score of your website. Then you can easily check it with the help of some tools.

But you are kind information let me tell you that some tools are free and some are paid. So you can check your website page rank from any tool.

If you want to check your website page score for free then follow the steps :

First, click on the given below link and explore the website.

Then enter the domain of your website with https://.

And then click on the Page rank button.

How do I Use PageRank ?

Page rank helps website owners to increase the rank of their website. As you know PageRank is an algorithm that shows the importance of your website for Google by giving the score.

So when you know your page rank score then you will be able to increase your PageRank score by improving the SEO quality of your website.

What does High PageRank Mean?

If your website has a high PageRank that means your website is very authoritative. And the best thing about an authority website is the content of these websites always ranks in Google search results.

Is PageRank Still Used?

Yes, Google still uses PageRank for giving scores to the website according to their quality.

It helps website owners to understand the performance of their website. Although page rank does not matter so much for any website it gives an idea of what Google thinks about any particular website.

That’s why people consider page rank as an important part of SEO.