Pigeon Update

Pigeon Update is nothing but the code name of Google algorithm update. Pigeon update was released on 24 July 2014.

Google launched this update in order to increase the search ranking of the local listings.

After this update, some changes have been seen in the Google map result.

Very first, pigeon update was launched only in US language means English.

The purpose of this pigeon update is very simple. Through this update, Google tries to increase the local search results in SERP.

After this update different feedback has been received by Google from the webmaster.

Few webmasters complain to Google and told them that their Ranking has been decreased.

Whereas few webmasters give thanks to Google for updating their local pages to high ranking in SERP. Pigeon update is one of the good updates of Google.

What is new in Google pigeon update ?

After launching the pigeon update Google found that the local website gets a chance to rank on the first page.

As well as the location & distance results are more accurate after this update.

What Google has been told about Pigeon update ?

When Google released this update, they confirm that this update is the normal update. Which doesn’t make a huge change in the algorithm.

Google also told Barry Schwartz about this update that after releasing this update we are just hoping for the best results.

We didn’t reach any conclusion now. It is a kind of experiment which we are trying to do for influencing the local search result.

What changes had been made after the pigeon update ?

When the pigeon update has not been launched the Google result page has to seem different.

But after the update, the result page and Google location also look different.

Not only that some changes also have been seen in the Google directories like home advisor, Yelp, etc.

What two major changes occurred with the Google Pigeon update?

Many people asked this question that what basic or you can say major changes pigeon update has made.

As we already said, the pigeon update has been created a great impact on the ranking of local pages.

But as well as it also created an impact on the search result of location or Destination.

Apart from these changes, Google found another change too.

Poor On-Page SEO

when pigeon update has launched, the Google algorithm works on the basis of traditional Ranking signals.

But for having a good Ranking on the result page it is important for the webmaster to increase their domain authority.

Poor Off-Page SEO

If you think pigeon update will help you to grow your local website.

Then it won’t happen because your website is not a single website available on the internet to rank on the first page.

So, for ranking on the first page you need to list their business in the online directories like Trip advisor, OpenTable, and Yelp.

When a user looks for any queries in Google search the pigeon update provides the best local research to the readers.