Pillow Links

Pillow Link is a kind of white hat link that can be used anytime. Pillow links are mostly used for the foundational linking of a website.

Pillow link is the main or you can say foundation link which is directly connected to a particular website. Pillow links help users to find the main page or a landing page of a particular website.

In simple words, you can understand that pillow links are links that point to the targeted page of a particular site. Pillow links mostly focus on targeted keywords.

Why Pillow Links are Used for SEO ?

As we said above pillow links directly connect users with the particular page of the site so this question is very obvious come that why pillow links are used for SEO?

Well, you get the answer to this question in 3 points which is mentioned below –

First, pillow links extract all the useless backlinks from the Site and focus on a targeted webpage.

Second, pillow links help websites to target strong keywords which is very important for SEO.

Third, pillow links are a good generator of referral traffic. So when the webmaster used pillow links on their website then the site start getting referral traffic.

What are the Types of Pillow Links ?

There are different types of pillow links. In this differentiation, you will know about some links which you already used but you don’t have Knowledge about it. So let’s take a look at the types of pillow which is stated below –

Social Profiles Links :-

Social Profile links are also a type of pillow link. The best thing about these pillow links is anyone can create them. If you have very little knowledge about link building then also you can create it very easily. Mostly these types of links are created in Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Blog Comments :-

If you are a blogger then you have noticed that when you do internal linking in your post then the link is also mentioned in the blog post comment also. And you can easily access this link through comments.

Local Citation :-

There are people who take citations very casually but citation is a very good tool of SEO. Whether you have a normal site or an affiliated site; citations always work well. For homepage pillow linking local citation seems very good option.

Name the Website Which Offers Pillow Linking Building Service ?

There are some sites that help website owners for creating pillow links for their websites. The name of the best pillow links creation site are as follows –

SEOButler is the best SEO agency that offers pillow linking services to users in a low cost.

SirLinksalot site offers excellent pillow linking building service packages. $69 package of this site includes Citations Web 2.0’s, 200+ social signals, Niche directories Forum and social profiles.

InValley is one of the best websites for building pillow links. This site offers different types of link-building services. You can use this site for pillow link building because they offer a good package.