Poison Word

The words which decrease the ranking of the website in SERP is known as poison word.

Poison word reduces the ranking when it is used in the title, description, or in URL of a site.

The word or phrases which cause losing respect and create mistrust among the audience come under this category.

When people first hear the term “Poison word” they think about adult words that have been put in on the title for adult content or category.

Apart from this type of content poison words are also used for nonadult content.

Poison words don’t misguide your audience about your category. Instead, it just decreases your rankings.

Poison words give signal to search engine that the website that use these words are low-quality websites.

Poison words basically used as a link-building strategy. But honestly, it reduces the whole SEO effort of the webmaster or website owner.

Not only that, poison words also decrease DA (Domain authority) of a website.

Which are Poisoned Links?

Poisoned link are those links which is not indexed in the Google search engine but come from the domain even after getting banned or removed from your site by a search engine.

Those links which are connected to spam or vulgar sites come under poisoned links.

Anchor text which contains filthy words also falls in this category.

How Poisoned Links are Generated Without our Consent ?

A person who owns a website and who does SEO never generates any poison word themselves.

Poison words can either generate mistakenly or can generate by the competitors in order to ruin the value of the website.

How to Remove Poisoned Links?

If you are thinking Poison words can be removed from our site or not?

Then my answer will be a big Yes.

Because Google webmaster provides Disavow tool to its users to remove the unwanted links, text which is navigated to the webpage.

Is poison word comes in black hat SEO ?

Yes, poison word comes in the category of Black hat SEO because it causes a negative impact on a website and reduces its ranking.

In blackhat SEO poison words are alternatively known as SEO poisoning or search poisoning.

Cybercriminals used poison words to attack a particular website by creating malicious URLs or irrelevant titles or tags.

As you know black hat SEO is a malicious technique to grow a website.

That’s why it is always advised not to use any poison words in your content.

At present Google, the algorithm is also very alert for finding these kinds of words that cause harm to users.

Poison Words No Longer Needed ?

Traditionally people use poison words to attract users but now poison words are no longer needed.

Because it not only reduce ranking but also reduces respect in the eyes of your audience.

Maybe some years ago poison words have some role but at present search engines don’t go with poison words.

Nowadays Google tends to provide an unbiased ranking to the site that follows all the SEO rules and provides quality content.