Rank Brain

Rank brain is a Search Engine Algorithm that is made on the basis of machine learning technology.

This algorithm is used by Google. It accesses the search results of Google and Provides the best results to its users.

Google RankBrain algorithm basically understands the queries of user and help Google to give an answer to the user’s question in milliseconds.

For example :

When people search for something on Google like “what is sco”.

Google auto-corrects the spelling SCO to SEO and gives the answer to the user’s queries.

Rank Brain is not only very useful for Google. But it also helps website owners to rank on the first page of Google search results.

Is RankBrain a ranking factor?

As I said above RankBrain helps Google in giving answers to the user’s query.

So directly indirectly this algorithm also influences the ranking factor.

Google also accepts that the RankBrain algorithm is a ranking factor.

How do I optimize for RankBrain?

When people get information about rank brain, the first question occurred in their mind is how they can optimize their website for RankBrain. So this Algorithm ranks their website in SERP.

Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple. You can optimize your website for RankBrain just by following the given below steps.

  • First you need to build the reputation of your website. For building reputation, you have to share best content to your audience. If you understand your Audience then you will be able to build trust and reputation among them.
  • For ranking in the Google search results, you need to focus on medium-tail keywords too.
  • Try to create content that fulfill the needs of your user.
  • Write attractive tittles and meta tittle. Because it will increase the click-through rate of your website.
  • Dwell time is an important factor for ranking. So you have to increase the dwell time of your post.

How can you rank your website through rank brain ?

If you are a blogger then you must know about RankBrain means how RankBrain rank the website on Google search result.

Rank brain only ranks the website which aligned with it requirements.

The requirements of RankBrain algorithm is :

Your content must be user friendly content.

Don’t use the same keyword in your article again & again.

Don’t write the information in a long paragraph. Instead, try to write articles in short paragraph.

After writing the article check whether your article will help your readers or not.

Try to write your article to the point. Because if you provide unwanted information in your article. Then readers will be bored and they will leave the website. Which will increase the bounce rate.

Update your previous article to rank in Google.

So if you want to rank in Google’s first page then keep this information in your mind.

Does Google still use RankBrain?

This is the most common question asked in Google whether the search engine uses rank brain or not.

Well, the RankBrain algorithm was not launched Google doesn’t use this kind of algorithm.

But after its launch, Google used the RankBrain algorithm to improve the search result and Google still uses it.