Recommended Video

Recommended Video is also known as a suggested video. It is a video that appears on the watch page.

Recommended video is a kind of video in which viewers may get interested in playing after completing the video.

Recommended videos include some personalized videos according to the viewer’s preference and according to the topic related to the video.

These videos help YouTube channels grow fast. There are some YouTube tools available for promoting your recommended video.

It always helps YouTubers to increase their watch time. It is also an important part of YouTube SEO.

How does Recommended Video Work ?

Recommended video works according to the choice and preference of the user. YouTube has its own algorithm which works according to user preference.

When users search about any particular topic on the internet then they get recommended videos based on their topic.

Does YouTube Recommend your Videos?

This question is mostly stuck in the mind of most people whether YouTube recommended your videos or not.

According to my research and experience, I get the result that YouTube recommends 70% of the content which users search Or what users watch.

YouTube recommends any video after conducting lots of research. YouTube has stated that it recommended any video when the Click-through rate of the video reaches 207%.

How do I get My Video Recommended?

If you have a YouTube channel and you want to get your video recommended through YouTube. Then you have to follow the given tips. Because this will help you to get your video recommended very easily.

Create engaging video content

If you create engaging content for your YouTube channel then there will be a chance that YouTube will also promote your other video to the users.

Take action to create engagement

There are some tools available on YouTube that help users to create engagement in his channel like Polls, the youtube community, and so on.

Optimize your Content titles

Many times, it has been seen that Tittle attracts the attention of the viewers. To create engaging titles.

Optimize your metadata of your YouTube channel

Optimizing the metadata of your YouTube channel is as important as SEO. So focus on it.

Build internal links with both content and playlist

Internal linking is also an important factor in YouTube. So don’t forget to make internal links in your content.

Upload eye-catching thumbnail

Thumbnail is the key to grabbing the interest and attention of viewers, so it’s your duty to create an eye-catching thumbnail.

Where are Recommended Videos on YouTube?

The recommended video is mostly found below the watch page of YouTube if you are consuming youtube content on mobile.

If you are using a PC or laptop then a recommended video will appear on the top right side of the screen under the section of up next.

If you enable the autoplay mode of YouTube then the recommended video will automatically play after completing the video you are currently watching.

The Up next section mostly includes videos that users like to see or related to that particular search topic.