Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic is the traffic which not come from search engine results. Whereas this traffic comes from any other website or blog.

This means if the audience of your website comes from any other blog then the traffic will consider as referral traffic.

This mostly happens when you create hyperlinks for your website and place them on different blogs.

What is SEO Referral Traffic?

As you know referral traffic is the traffic that comes from outside sources or links. When it comes to SEO then SEO referral traffic refers to the traffic which comes from backlinks.

When you create backlinks for your website and when high authority websites put your website on their post then the traffics or you can say audience comes to you is known as SEO referral traffic.

What is Paid Referral Traffic?

When you get referral traffic on your website after paying for the audience then it is known as paid referral traffic. This kind of traffic comes from promotion.

How do I get Referral Traffic?

If you really want to generate referral traffic for your website then you can follow the given below steps because these steps will help you to get referral traffic fast.

  1. Submit your website to other directories

This is one of the very easiest ways to get referral traffic because directories help your website to get an audience fast. You just need to submit your website to the top directories.

  1. Publish your website on review websites.

Reviewing a website is one of the good ways for acquiring a referral audience because When you publish your website on a review website then your website will be analyzed by different viewers and the interested audience will come to you.

This way your website not only gets referral traffic And your referral traffic becomes organic.

  1. Use guest blog post

There are some website or blogs which welcomes guest websites on their blog. You can use this trick to generate referral traffic.

When you ask any website to promote your blog on his/her website or blog then his audience will come to you.

But for this, you have to find out a website that acts the same as you. This means you have to focus on the same niche blog or website.

  1. Use social media

Social media is one of the best ways to generate referral traffic. You can use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube any social media platform to promote yourself.

Or you can also ask the influencers for promoting your blog or website to their audience who is already ruling in these platforms.

  1. Comment on other Blogs

This is a good way of generating referral traffic. If you want to generate referral traffic without putting in any effort then you can use this technique.

You just need to comment on other blogs but make sure that your comment will be valuable.

For using this trick you just need to focus on the blog which allows links in the comment section.