Resource Page

Resource Page is a page that provides valuable information about any particular topic to the reader. The resource page is also known as the pillar page.

This type of resource page not only consist of information but also contains important links and important keywords which are related to the topic.

Resource page provides full information about any topic. You can consider the resource page as a page that provides macro knowledge about any topic or keyword to the audience.

How do I Create a Resource Page?

Creating a resource page can be a good idea for you because it has numerous benefits.

If you are willing to create a resources page and want to provide important information to your readers in one place then you should follow the given steps.

Step 1. Collect and organise your content

For creating a good resource page first you need to collect and organise your content. You can organise your content with the help of your spreadsheet. You can use MS word, white papers, webinars etc.

Step 2. Now create a resource centre webpage

Create a new page and fill the page with a list of your content both the old and new ones. All you need to do is to provide information about any topic with complete information. You can also place links to your content that is relevant to the topic in the resource centre.

Step 3. Build out the Content Structure

For building a content structure you need to create a page that is related to each content type of the blog or website. You can also add a call to action button which will help users directly land on the homepage of your website.

Step 4. Allow Social Sharing in your Blog post

If you add a social sharing button in your blog post then it will encourage your audience to share your content with their friends. It also creates brand awareness and leadership thought.

Step 5. Promote the Resource Centre

Now it’s time to promote your resource centre. After creating CTAs and including them on the blog, product or service page, email, thank you page and all. Resource centre helps users to navigate your website.

Step 6. Find & Create New and Interesting Content

Finding the favourite type of content is a quite difficult task. That’s why you can create a landing page where you can ask your audience about the topic on which they want to read the content. And then Create content according to them.

It is a very easy way to create a resource page for your website.

How do I find my resource page?

Finding a resource page is very easy. There are ways that help you to find the resource page. But the most common and easy way to use a resource page is by checking Google Search Operator.

Wikipedia is the biggest example of a resource page because when you read about any topic in Wikipedia then you get information about different keywords in one place.