Rich Snippets

Rich snippet is a type of search result shows by Google. In Rich Snippets Google shoes more information about the query.
It is also known as rich result.

Basically, Rich snippet consists Title, description, url, media and some more information about search.

For example :

If you search “Bata Shoes” on Google then you see different Bata shoes picture as a result with some information.

Like review, price, the place from buying it and all.

Rich Snippet is more eye-catching than a normal snippet. Because it has some special features.

And it also helps you to grow your site by increasing your CTR rate.

Rich snippet created by the information you share to Google. The media and information you share in Google.

That’s presented as a rich result by Google on specific queries.

Why Rich Snippet is Important for SEO ?

After knowing what the rich snippet means, you can easily understand how it creates an impact on SEO.

By creating better search results, Rich Snippets attracts people to know more about the query from your site.

Which increases the click-through rate. And when the CTR of your website rise.

You start getting traffic, hence the site ranks on the first page.

In long run Rich Snippets make Google feel that you create content that fullfill users need. So Google starts showing more results from your site.

What are the Types of Rich Snippet ?

Rich snippets are also found in different types. And each type has its special features.


In this kind of rich snippet, the rich results show the review of the product and provide information about whether the customers are satisfied with it or not.


This rich snippet basically shows the basic details about the product which a user should know before buying it.


When you search any song in Google then you see song tittle, singer name, director name, music composer name and so on. It is also a type of rich snippet.

How to Add Rich Snippets ?

If you want to add rich snippets then you must install SEO plugging like rank math or Yoast.

But according to me Rank math is the best for SEO.

So first install Rank math plugging in your WordPress.

Then go the ” Rank math Dashboard“. There you will see Schema Structured Data option. Click on that option.

A new page will open. In this page, you’ll see Schema Type Option. You need to fill the option according to your website type or niche.

Then click on the save changes button.

When you complete this process, Google started showing the rich snippet according to the information of the structured data of your site.

What is the Difference Between Rich Snippet and Rich Result ?

Rich snippet is the information that website owner directly gives to Google.
Whereas Rich results are automatically shown by Google in SERP.

When a user clicks on Rich Snippet they directly visit the website. But when a user clicks on Rich results they are directed to the next page of Google.