Robots.txt is basically known as robot exclusion protocol. Robots.Txt used for preventing Google crawlers to crawl unnecessary urls of a site.

Robots.Txt is mainly used for SEO purpose. This text files contains commands for Google crawlers.

Robots.Txt tells robot which page will be indexed or which page will not. It not de indexed pages but it prevents useless pages and urls to crawl.

If you want to prevent any page from indexing you must use noindex tags or directives.

What are the Use of Robots.txt File ?

As per the SEO point of view Robots.txt file has many use such as :

  • It avoids crawlers to crawl duplicate content.
  • It also prevents crawlers to crawl an internal search engine.
  • If you don’t want to index any page or image to Google then you can prevent it by using Robots.Txt file.
  • It specify the location of sitemap to Google robots.

Where to Put Robots.Txt File ?

If you don’t know whether your website has Robots.Txt file or not. You can simply check it just using the given steps.

First time the root domain of your site in browser.

Then Add robots.txt at the end of the url.

For e.g

After searching the url, if no page will appear on the screen that means your site don’t have any robots.txt file.

In this way you can easily check the robots.txt file.

How-to Create Robots.Txt file for Your Website ?

There is a basic rules and guidelines for creating Robots.Txt files for your website. You need to do below mentioned steps.

  1. First you need to create a file called Robots.txt.

2. Then you need to add some rules in Robots.txt file.

3. After that upload the Robots.txt file.

4. Then the the robots. txt file.

How do I Upload a Robots.txt File to My Website?

For uploading robots.txt file, first you need to download it. After downloading robots.txt file you can edit the file according to your wish.

When you complete with editing upload the text file by naming it Robots.txt to your root domain. When the downloading process complete clear the caches of your browser and then check your robots txt file.

Do I Need a robots.txt?

It is not compulsory for everyone to have robot.txt file to their website. But if you want to improve the SEO of your website then it is important to upload robots.txt file to your website.

Because robot.txt file gives you more control on your website and direct crawlers.

What Can Hackers do With robots txt?

As I said above robot.txt file provide all the control to its owner. So if hackers hacks your robot.txt file then they can control your website and can get all the value information of a site.

How Long Does it take robots.txt to Work?

If you already put robot.txt file to your website but the page is not seen. Then don’t worry because this process takes Times. Normally robot.txt file takes 24 to 36 hour to work properly.