RSS Feed

RSS Feed is a Web Feed format that contains all the summaries of updates of a website that can be read by an RSS reader.

The word RSS is generally known as Really simple syndication.

RSS feed can be available on the web, desktop applications, or mobile applications. RSS feed is mostly shared in XML file format to its users.

RSS feed helps users to stay connected with the latest content of their favorite website.

With the help of RSS feed, anyone can track each and every update of a website.

RSS feed is a very popular technique for tracking updates of websites. A large number of Web users use the RSS feed daily to update themselves.

Basically, when people want to read the content of any website they just bookmark the particular content to stay connected with the site.

Which takes lot of time of web users. So instead of bookmarking the site.

If you subscribe to the RSS feed then you will get instant updates whenever the website will upload its content.

Why you should use RSS feed ?

People ask this question very often why we should use the RSS feed or what benefit we will get from the RSS feed.

Well, the reason is quite simple.

  • If you use RSS feed then you will able to save your time.
  • After subscribing RSS speed you don’t need to check the latest update of the website because the update automatically come to you.
  • By becoming a feed reader you can easily get all the details update of a website.
  • If you are a website owner or a blogger then RSS speed is for you. Because it’s help you to connect with your audience.

What are examples of RSS feeds?

As I said above many website owners or bloggers that using RSS feed to update their audience with their latest content. The examples of RSS feeds are as follows –

Huffington PostFox News
USA TodayLife Hacker
ReutersNew York Times
Huffington PostFox News

These are the popular RSS feed of the [year].

Are RSS feeds still used [year]?

RSS feeds are still used in [year] but because of the popularity of social media sites and email subscribing RSS feeds are getting less attention from web users.

How do I Create an RSS Feed for My Website?

Creating an RSS feed for a website is not that complicated you think. You can create an RSS feed for your website just following these steps :

  1. Choose an RSS creation program like RSS Builder, FeedForAll, etc.
  2. Then create a new feed with the help of feeds creating software.
  3. After that add image in your feed.
  4. Now you need to add those content which you want to share with your audience.
  5. Then create XML file of your RSS feed.
  6. Final step, publish this XML file and then submit it to your website or wherever you want.