Secure Search

Secure Search is an extension of Chrome that hijacks your default search engine and changes it into Secure search provides security to your browser.

In a Secure Search Browser, you can safely search anything because this browser won’t expose your personal data.

When you use this extension a new tab opens on your browser in which you can search anything with full safety. While using this extension you can also enjoy the default HD wallpapers.

And the best thing is secure search doesn’t record your search history and normal history. So if you want to search anything privately then you can use this extension.

Where do I Find Secure Search?

There are different types of search engines available on the Internet which gives you a secure search. The name of the best secure searches engines are given below –

DuckDuckGoDisconnect Search
QwantSearch Encrypt

How Do I Change My Secure Search to Google?

If you want to change my secure search to Google then you have to follow the given mentioned steps –

  • First, open the Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop.
  • Then click on the 3 dots appearing right side of the screen.
  • Click on Settings option.
  • Now you see a sidebar under the basic menu you’ll get a search engine option.
  • In this option select Google instead of secure search.
  • In this way, you can easily change the secure search to Google.

Is Secure Search Bad?

It cannot be said accurately because secure search use your browser and track your activities online which can be very easy for hackers to get your information that’s why it is advisable to avoid this kind of search browser.

How do I Remove Yahoo Secure Search from Chrome?

If you want to remove Yahoo secure search from your device then you can do it within a few minutes. Because the steps are really very easy to do –

Go to your Google Chrome.

Then click on the three dots.

After that click on the settings button.

Now go to the search engine option and remove Yahoo secure search from your Chrome.

How to Turn on Secure Search in Chrome ?

If you want to use a secure search extension on your device then you can enable it with the help of the given steps.

Step 1 :- First, open your Google Chrome on your device in which you want to turn on secure search.

Step 2 :- Then click on the three dots.

Step 3 :- Again click on settings, then go to the Privacy and Security.

Step 4 :- In which you see the Safe Browsing option.

Step 5 :- Now select your safe browsing.

Does Google have a secure search ?

Yes, Google also has a secure anyone can use in Google Chrome as an extension which provides them a safer browsing experience.

You can enable Google secure search on your device just by following the above-stated steps.

Is Secure Search a virus?

No, secure search is not a virus because it doesn’t cause any problem in your device or browser. It gives you more safety and privacy in your device.