Semantic Markup

According to the dictionary, Semantic stands for the correct interpretation of the meaning of a particular word or sentence.

Different HTML tag has different semantic meaning. The word semantic markup is used for expressing a way of writing or editing HTML language which is popularly known as hypertext markup language.

Semantic markup is used for making the understanding of HTML easy.

What are the Benefits of Semantic Markup in SEO ?

Semantic markup is important in SEO because of these reasons –

Because of the semantic markup, Search Engine believes that the content of your keyword is important and that’s why they update your ranking in Google search.

Semantic markup can be used as a signpost by screen readers.

It makes HTML easy to understand for beginners.

Semantic markup provides the information of popular data to the developers.

What is Semantic Elements?

A semantic element is an essential element of code that clearly represent the content of the element in simple words. In simple words, you can understand that semantic elements use human language to explain code.

The programming codes or HTML codes are really difficult to understand for non-tech users. But when a semantic element is used in a code then the code explained in the English language which can be understood by all.

If you Want to understand the example of Semantic elements; you must check out HTML 5 programming language. Which is mostly used to create a new web page.

If you see the original HTML then you will definitely see very little usage of Semantic elements because the original version of HTML mostly used not a semantic element.

In the original version of HTML, you will see link & img as semantic element.

The non-semantic element doesn’t explain the codes in human language that’s why it is difficult for anyone to understand the codes of original HTML.

HTML 5 includes the below-stated elements which are new to the original version of HTML.

  • main
  • mark
  • section
  • summary
  • article
  • detail
  • figure
  • footer
  • header

The use of semantic Markup is increasing in HTML day by day because experts are trying to make HTML code easy to understand for everyone.

What is the purpose of the semantic elements mark?

The purpose of using semantic element marks in HTML is to mark up the web content with the help of an appropriate semantic mark.

This means when you see semantic elements in a particular HTML code that means it is not displaying casually. It appears because semantic markup is used for expressing the meaning.

What are the Advantages of Semantic Markup?

The semantic markup has many advantages that are the reason why it is used in HTML code.

When a website has made with the help of HTML 5 which used semantic markup in their code then the semantic markup help crawlers and search engines to understand the content of their website.

Semantic markup also helps the website in search engine’s web page ranking. With the help of semantic markup, a website easily ranks on a Google web page.