The Search Engine Results Page is shortly known as SERP. You may get confused with this term with a popular word called SEO. But the term SERP is different from SEO.

When a user searches for something on Google, Yahoo or Bing then the page that appears on the screen is known as SERP.

Each search engine has its different SERP. But the SERP of Google is popular among all.

SERP shows content according to the queries of users. In the beginning, the SERP was supposed to Show the title and meta title of a particular content but now it’s started showing pictures and shopping ads too.

SERP shows content to the users according to the three types of queries such as navigational, informational, or transactional queries.

What is the Purpose of SERP ?

The purpose of SERP is to show the right and high-quality content to users’ queries. SERP shows content on queries not only in Google search but also in different search engines. These SERP shows both organic and paid result.

The first page of the search engine result is known as SERP and it mostly shows the organic results. That’s why most people try to rank on the first page of Google search results.

Because they know that users don’t go to the second page for searching the content.

But it is also true that if you rank on the first page of Google that doesn’t mean you will get so much traffic in your blog or website.

That’s why most people go for the paid results of SERP. And that is the reason why SERP is considered to be good for every search engine.

What are the Features of SERP ?

At present, a SERP has more features than you think. The best features of SERP are discussed below.

Knowledge Graph – knowledge graph is one of the important and popular features of SERP. This feature of SERP has shown in a particular box mostly on the right side of the page.

Rich Snippets – In this feature of SERP, users see extra visuals on the page. Star ratings on a product and photos in web search results are the biggest example of rich snippets.

Paid Result – SERP also shows the paid result to the audience. You can show your content in search results just by bidding the right keywords for your content.

Universal Result – SERP has this feature too. In the organic search results, this feature of SERP also appears.

Apart from this SERP also says Google ads, knowledge cards, in-depth articles, local pannel, and so on.

What is the Difference Between SEO and SERP ?

The difference between SEO and SERP are as follows –

  • SEO focus on showing result by paid strategies and SERP shows the result on both organic & paid.
  • SEO doesn’t show ads but SERP shows ads too.
  • SERP page shows ads Extention but SEO shows snippets featured.
  • SERP just focuses on the target audience but SEO does not necessarily focus on the target audience.