Sitelinks are the additional or you can say hyperlinks of a website that appears in the SERP results below the domain name.

Sitelinks can only be added by the google ads algorithm automatically. The site owner has no right to add any site link in SERP.

Google shows the sitelinks in the search result to help the users. Because these site result has been designed in a way that provides a proper idea about the website to the users and helps them to navigate the different area of a website.

What is Sitelink in Google Ads?

As I said above the google ads algorithm sets additional links on the website to help users to explore your website and take them to the site which has maximum ads.

Not only that sitelink helps users to find out what your content is all about by showing categories or points of your content.

Why are Sitelinks Important?

If your website shows sitelinks in SERP then you will get so many benefits. If you are thinking about how it’ll happen? then just take a look below.

  • You will be able to increase more traffic by landing users on your website with the same ads.
  • By using Sitelinks, the click-through rate (CTR) of your site will also improve.
  • Sitelinks provide a better-searching experience to the readers.

What are the Formats of Google Ads Sitelinks?

Google ads show sitelinks in different formats. These Sitelinks format as mentioned below –

One-line Format – These Sitelink formats basically show generic terms but mostly they focus on branded terms.

Three-line and Two-line Formats – These sitelinks formats focus on giving answers to the users’ queries. So that the user clicks on the link and visits the website.

Embedded Format – These site link formats appear when your website ads directly appear in SERP and the text match with the other Sitelinks.

How Do You Create a Sitelink?

You can easily add sitelinks extension to Google ads to show your sitelinks in the google search result page.

First, go to the ‘Ads & extensions’ appearing in the left menu option then click on the Extensions button.

After that click on the + button to add sitelink extension.

Then from the Ads menu choose the level in which you want to add your site like Campaign, Account, or Ad group.

If you want to use the existing site link then click on the “Use Existing” Sitelink.
And if you want to create a new Sitelink then click on “Create new”.

Now fill the Text that appears in SERP with your website link.

Then add an additional description about your website in the description box.

After entering all the details click on the save button to save your sitelink in google ads.

Why Aren’t My Google Ads Showing Sitelinks?

Even after adding Sitelinks in SERP, it may happen that Google ads didn’t show your site links. The biggest reason why Google ads do not show your sitelinks in SERP is that Your Site doesn’t have enough “Authority” and Brand trust.

Google ads show Sitelinks of that Website which has good authority in the eyes of google.