When we do some searches on Google, the result which is shown to us is called Snippets.

Google shows the results of the queries in snippet format. Snippet basically consists title, link, and a short description of the content.

The snippet also contains the main keywords of the post. Let’s assume, you have searched for something on Google. For example :

What is meant by SEO ?

For this question, Google will show you different results. These results are known as Snippets.

Snippets normally have 3 main things –

  • URL means the link of the post.
  • SEO Tittle means the tittle of your post.
  • Meta description means the short description which match with your query.

These are the main things that Google shows as a result but when you search for something on your computer the results also contain the favicon icon of your site. Favicon icon act as a logo of your site.

What are Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are the highlighted text shown at the top of the SERP which is known as ‘Position 0‘.

Featured snippets provide a very quick and brief answer to the user. Featured snippets mostly seen in informational queries.

What are the Types of Snippet?

The result of your query which has been shown by Google and matches your question is snippets.

These top results are shown in different formats which also come under the category of snippets. There are basically 4 types of snippets.

  • Paragraph Snippets – In these snippets, results are shown in paragraph form which gives a direct answer to your query.
  • List Snippets – When results are shown in a list format is called list Snippets. These snippets consist of the subheadings which is the answer of your query.
  • Table Snippets – In these Snippets, results are shown in table format.
  • Video Snippets – When Google shows YouTube videos as the result of users’ queries then the snippet is called as video snippets.

All the snippets are different from each other. But these snippets are shown as per the users query .

How do I Make a Google Snippet?

Snippets are an important part of SEO. If you make snippets for your site then it will increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your content. You can easily create a snippet just by following the given steps.

First, you need to find which details you want to show to Google.

Then you need to define your pages with the help of Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper.

After selecting the data, create a web page with them.

Now, create new HTML from the selected data.

Then you need to tag this data with the selected data.

Test, how well your snippets are working.

Be patient to get the results.

What is Snippet Bait?

Snippet bait is the information you get as the search result of your query.

Snippet bait is generally placed at the beginning of the article. So that users get their answers easily.

It helps Google to find the best result for user’s query from your whole content.