Split Testing

Split Testing is a kind of experiment Performed by a webmaster or blog owner to check the performance of the web page or application.

Split testing is also known as A/B Testing.

In split testing, we show two random web pages to users. And we analyze the comparison between the two.

Let’s see the example of split testing;

Assume that we have been created two web pages. Which looks almost the same but after doing some changes.

When we check to cross-check the performance of the webpage, the process is called split testing.

Why We Use Split Testing ?

We use split testing to understand the behavior of our audience. It is basically used to check which variants work for the web page best.

In simple terms, you can understand that split Testing is used to know which page has a high Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

But if you’re doing this type of testing then keep in mind that it can be a complex task for you. That’s why you have to be careful while doing this testing on your audience.

How Does Split Testing Work?

To conduct split testing, you have to create two different versions of a particular content with some minor changes.

After creating the content you need to share the content with your audience which is almost the same.

Then you need to analyze which of your content is performing well among our audience in a given period of time.

Split Testing is a very good tool for marketers mostly digital marketers because it helps them to understand how well their products or services can perform in the market.

The result of split testing comes from basically two-point of you :

  1. User Experience Test
  2. Design test
  1. User Experience Test

In the User experience test, the webmaster checks the click-through rate of a web page comes on the basis of CTA placement.

  1. Design Test

Under the design test, the split testing result comes from the design of the CTA button. This means more attractive CTA button perform well in the experiment.

Which Two Variables are Available for Split Tests?

When someone tries split testing on their webpage they must know about the important variables of the split test.

There are many variables which influences split testing but among all variables, these two variables are most important :

  1. Target Audience
  2. Placement

What are the Difference Between AB Testing and Split Testing ?

Although AB testing and split testing are quite the same still there is a difference between the two tests.

  1. AB testing works directly among two contents. Where as split testing works on the different versions of same content.
  2. In AB testing changes doesn’t influence the point of view of audience because it seems to original. But in split testing the changes influence the reaction of audience because lots of changes had done to the original content.

Split testing is better than AB testing because it helps you to understand your page better.

For e.g; assume that you want to change the homepage of your website.

In this regard, you can get a better results if you do split testing because split testing will show you how your website will look after the changes.