Static Website

Static Website is a combination of web pages that is created by the web development programming language (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc).

The pages of static websites are stored as an HTML file and then it transfers to its server without doing any changes.

The content of the static website is also Static because it doesn’t change automatically.

If you want to change the content, you need to edit the whole HTML file manually.

While doing changes in the Static website. You have to edit each page of HTML also because you change only one page of the HTML file. Then the result will show only to that page.

This means if you desire to change some parts of the website but you only edit the home page.

In this case, the changes only are seen on the Home page, not on the entire website.

Static website is basically known for its one characteristic. And the character is every user get and view exactly same content of the website.

The best example which totally fits to define the Static page is the resume website. Apart from this example, the Static website is also used as a School’s website, a college website.

What are the Advantages of Static Website ?

Static website is popular for some reason. And the reason behind its popularity is it’s advantages which the website gives to people. The benefits of the static website as mentioned below –

Fast page loading speed

While creating a static website designers focus on the loading speed of the web pages in order to provide a good browsing experience to its users.

Static website has fast loading speed because the content of the website is already stored in the service so when the user searches anything then get the content directly from the server.

Easy creation

As compared to the other website creating a static website is easier than creating other websites. Because creating and publishing a static website is too much easy.

Hense static websites don’t have any database. So there is no need to manage any database before publishing the website.

Great security

As I said making changes in static website is not that easy that’s the reason why it is also very difficult to hack for hackers. Because of this advantage static website is used in formal places like school, University etc.

What are the disadvantages of static website ?

Everything contains some good and bad characteristics. So, a static website has also some disadvantages too.

Limited scalability

The static website doesn’t provide too many features to the website owners. It is one of the limitations of a static website.

Hard to manage

Making changes in a Static website is very difficult and time taking. That’s why many website builders avoid making static websites.

What are the 5 static websites?

The top 5 static website generator is as follows –


Is Wikipedia a static website?

No, Wikipedia is not a static website. Instead it is a dynamic website.

Is Google a static or dynamic website?

Google shows different types of results to the users according to their queries. So it is obvious that Google is a dynamic website.