Sub Directory

The subdirectory is a part of the parent directory of a computer file system.

Because the parent directory contains multiple subdirectories.

In the operating system of the computer, the directory is basically known as a folder. And the subdirectory is known as Subfolder.

Every directory which is not a top-level root directory is known as Sub Directory.

The list of subdirectory of the main directory is called path.

The different operating system has different path for subdirectories.

Example of windows subdirectory :

Main Drive root – Parent Directory – Subdirectory.

In Linux operating system path shows in HTML format. Such as :


In this example, private_html is subdirectory of a path in Linux OS. The root folder is the only folder that is not treated as subdirectory because it don’t has any parent directory.

What is Sub Directory in Website?

In the website, Sub directory contains the content of the sute and manage it with the different folders.

Subdirectory is part of website hierarchy which is connected to the root domain. Sub directory act same as a sub folder in a website.

What is a Sub Directory Folder?

Subdirectory folder is normally called a subfolder which is the part of the main folder. Subfolders help users in organizing their files. Subfolders are used for differentiating files into different categories.

For example, if your website has the category of Govt plans. And you want to manage the content of this category.

Then you casually create a folder called govt plan and you will keep all the content of this category in this folder. When a folder is used for such a purpose is known as Subdirectory on the website.

What is Subdirectory in URL?

Sub Directory is also found in the URL. In URL, subdirectory shows as a specific category content. This means when you click on the subdirectory URL then you will redirect to the specific page of the website.

A website acts the same as a cabinet and a subdirectory act the same as a folder of that cabinet. The subdirectory can be seen on the right side of the URL.


here is a website and category is a subdirectory.

What are the root directory and subdirectory?

Subdirectory is a subpart of the root directory which contains different types of folders in it. But root directory is the parent directory which creates many subdirectories in it.

In simple words, you can understand that subdirectory is dependent upon the root directory whereas the root directory is independent.

How Do I Create a Subdirectory?

For managing your emails, if you want to create a sub directly on your computer then you can create it just by following some simple steps.

Open the folder and then click on the new folder or just right-click and click on the new folder option.

Then type the name of your folder.

In the folder, you will see a drop-down menu click on mail and post items.

Now select the place where you want to keep your subfolder in the main folder.

Finally, click on the “OK” button to save your folder.