Subscriber means a person who pays to receive or to use a particular service.

As in the word subscriber used for those people who pay money to receive newspapers or magazines regularly.

Instead of newspapers or magazines, if anyone is paying regularly then he/ she will get the service.

The term subscriber has a very wide scope. The word Subscriber is used for different purposes.

What is the Meaning of Subscribing to YouTube?

By subscribing to a particular YouTube channel, it means that you are willing to get updates of the new content of a particular YouTube channel.

It allows people to see the activity of the YouTube channel. After subscribing to a particular YouTube channel. People not only get video updates but also get social media posts.

Is it Free to Subscribe on YouTube?

Yes, it is absolutely free to subscribe to a YouTube channel. For subscribing to a YouTube channel, you don’t need to pay anything.

The subscribe button is just the same as the follow button, you see in different social media platforms because the subscribe button acts similar to follow button.

What Happens When I Subscribe to a YouTube Channel?

When you subscribe to a particular YouTube channel then the YouTube channel is added to your subscription list.

After subscribing to the YouTube channel, the latest video of the channel will appear on your news feeds.

Why do Youtubers want you to Subscribe?

The question is quite interesting because we know that people subscribe to a channel because they want to get the latest update of that Channel but why do Youtubers want people to subscribe, nobody knows that.

YouTubers want you to subscribe to their channel because subscriptions help YouTubers to increase their watch time.

When people subscribe to the channel they get updates of the new video. While watching the new video people will see their old video on YouTube.

What does Paid Subscriber Means?

Paid subscriber means the subscriber who subscribes to the YouTube channel after receiving money from the YouTuber.

The YouTubers who don’t have a good number of subscribers use this strategy to increase their subscribers.

YouTube has set the rule for getting Adsense. And the rule is for getting Adsense approval a YouTuber must have more than 1K subscribers and 4000 hours watch time.

That is the reason why many YouTubers choose this strategy to increase their subscribers on their channel.

Can Someone See if you Subscribe to them on YouTube?

Actually, no! After subscribing to any particular YouTube channel if you thought that someone can see your subscription then you are wrong.

Because until and unless the YouTubeber sets the subscription to private. No one will be able to see its number of subscribers.

What’s the Difference Between a Subscriber and a Fan?

Maybe the words subscriber and fan seem similar but both the words are different from each other.

Fans are the people who like or follow the content or brands.

Subscriber is just a follower but fans are the real admirer.

Subscribers follow your content just to get updates whether fans follow your content because they love you.