Technical SEO

SEO Optimization refers to the optimization of a website or server for improving the technical workings of the website with the aim of improving the ranking of the web page in search engine results.

Technical SEO helps Google crawlers in crawling websites and it also makes websites understandable by search engines.

You can consider technical SEO as a pillar of your website because SEO will help your website to grow faster. As you know there are two types of SEO On-page and Off-page.

Technical SEO comes under On-page SEO which is quite different from Off-page SEO.

Why Do I Need Technical SEO?

As you know Google always provides the best result to the queries of their readers. That’s why Google crawlers need to go through all the results available for a particular query.

Technical SEO makes a particular post understandable for the crawlers. It gives information about your blogs like content, pages, and other factors.

It provides all the information data about your blog to search engines which leads to the ranking of your blog post.

So if you want to grow your website then it is mandatory for you to have a pretty good knowledge of technical SEO. Because one mistake in doing technical SEO can cost you big.

How can I Improve my Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is something that you can learn over time. This means the more SEO you do, the more you learn. Technical SEO has a variety of things in it.

So for becoming the champion of technical SEO, you need to understand all the fundamentals of it. But you can start improving your website from basic technical SEO which I stated below.

For improving your website, the first thing you need to do it improve the Title of your post. Because this is the thing that users noticed first.

Keyword researching is the lifeblood of technical SEO. To master technical SEO, first, you need to master keyword research.

Because keyword research plays a very important role in ranking a blog.

In order to rank on a Google search page, you have to post regular content.

Understand your competition and try to perform better than your competition.

Mapping keywords also help you in improving your site in the google search engine.

If you want to rank on the first page of Google search then you have to create a site map of your website and have to submit it to the Google search console.

Write user-friendly content for your readers so that you don’t feel to go to another site for the same query.

What are Technical SEO Issues?

As I said doing technical SEO is not that easy at sounds. Beginners do lots of mistakes in doing technical SEO. That creates an issue for their site. The example of technical issues are given below –

  • Copied content
  • Page loading issue
  • Misplacing of keywords in the post.
  • Images which not searchable
  • Bad navigation
  • Complicated URLs
  • No XML site map