Tiered Link Building

The process of linking your website to the different sources is known as Tiered link building.

Tiered link building basically comes under the practice of Black Hat SEO because this link-building process is used for improving the ranking of certain pages.

Most people use Tiered link building in the wrong way but there is a way to use this link building process with white hat SEO.

But it won’t be so easy. For linking your website to different sources it is very important that your website must have quality content.

You can increase the audience engagement in your website just by giving replies to your audience comments which is part of the second tier.

If you want fast growth in your website then you can add your website links to your social media sites. Because this step will bring the audience to your website.

Does Google supports Tiered link building ?

As I said this link-building process is a part of black hat SEO. So Google doesn’t support Tiered link building.

Although with the frequent updates of the Algorithm, Google also reduces the results of Tiered link building.

So when webmasters do Tiered link building they don’t get expected results.

What mistakes people make while doing Tiered link building ?

Even people who don’t use Black hat SEO techniques they made some mistakes while doing Tiered link building in the White hat SEO technique which leads to unclear results.

  1. Low quality content

The biggest mistake which people make is that they use low-quality content on their website.

There are some people who don’t check the spelling and grammatical mistakes of their content before publishing it.

So, low-quality content causes the opposite in the Tiered link building process. This means when people share bad content the website loses its ranking in SERP even it is linked to various sources.

  1. Poor source of traffic

Sometimes, webmaster links their website to those sources which have very low traffic.

And they don’t have traffic to share. In that case, when webmaster links their website to such site they don’t get any traffic.

What are the benefits of Tiered link building ?

There are numerous benefits of doing Tiered link building. Some benefits as mentioned below –

  • When you create multiple tiers of backlinks for your website then the SEO of your website automatically increases.
  • Tiered link building also helps owners to get long-tail keywords.
  • When you link your website to long-tail keywords backlinks. The chances of your ranking also increase.
  • It is a High reward low-risk strategy. So you should use it for your website.

The Future of Tiered Link Building

Google algorithm is improving with each update.

As I already told you that the low-quality link is useless to link with different sources. Because it won’t drive any traffic to the website as it is an unfollow link.

In the future, there is very less chance that people will use the process of Tiered Link Building in order to get traffic.