Trust Flow

Trust flow is a key metrics of SEO that measures the trustworthiness of the website from its backlinks.

The trust flow of a particular site is measured by the number of clicks on the web page that the website gets from the set of trusted sites.

If your website is authoritative as well as qualitative then the trust flow of the site will increase.

Trust flow represents how much traffic comes from your website’s link or backlink.

What is Topical Trust Flow?

Topical trust flow is a subset of trust flow that represents the trustworthiness of a domain or URL on the basis of its niche.

If the content is linked with a web page then it will definitely increase the topical trust flow of the website.

What is a Majestic Score?

The majestic score is a metric score of trust flow that lies between 0 to 100.

It shows the trust of a particular website on the basis of good quality backlinks.

The higher the score of trust flow will be, the more trust will be seen on the website. The majestic score is an important element of SEO.

What is a Good Trust Flow Score?

As I said above that the SEO score lies between 0 to 100 then if a website has 50 or more than 50 then it is considered as good.

A trust flow score that lies between 11 to 49 is treated as average and the website which has scored less than 10 then it is considered as lower or poor.

What is a Good TF CF Ratio?

A good TF CF ratio is 1-2. TF indicates trustworthiness whether CF indicates the traffic.

If a website won’t maintain the TF CF ratio then the website will be considered a spam site.

This means if a website has a 20 Trust flow score and 78 citation flow score then the website will be treated as a bad site.

That’s why it is always advisable for webmasters and website owners to maintain the ideal ratio and focus on trust flow over citation flow.

What is the Difference Between Trust Flow and Citation Flow ?

Citation flow is quite similar to trust flow. That’s why they both create confusion among the minds of the people. So we will try to clear your mind about the two flows.

  • Trust flow measures the traffic, as well as the quality of the link weather citation flow, just measures clicks of the link.
  • Some sites can be very popular and have good citation flow but it is not mandatory that the site will rank. But if a site has a good trust flow then the site will definitely rank.
  • If a website has a good citation flow over the trust flow then it means that there is a problem with your website’s link.
  • Citation flow mostly gets a good score than trust flow because it counts useless links also.
  • Trust flow indicates the trustworthiness of a website whether citation flow indicates the clicks received on a link.

Is Trust Flow Important for SEO ?

Yes, trust flow is very important to SEO because it affects the traffic of the site.