Unique Visitor

The word Unique Visitor is used for identifying the visitor who visits the website only once in the report of the total visitor.

If a visitor visits your web page but suddenly moves to another web page. And then came to your web page for getting more information than the visitor will be considered as a unique visitor.

Unique visitors help you to understand the performance of the website. That’s why the word unique visitor is considered very important for SEO.

Why are Unique Visitors Important?

As I said above the unique visitor is important for both SEO and website because unique visitors help Webmaster to calculate the traffic of the website.

The unique visitor also helps website owners to understand their original customers.

After understanding their original customer website owner can increase their sale.

Unique visitors provide an accurate number of the total size of the visitors when you try to establish your blog that’s why the term is so important for every aspect.

What’s the Difference Between Unique Visitors and Visits?

Maybe the word unique visitor and visits seem the same but there is a huge difference between the two.

Because the word unique visitor stands for one visitor who visits the web page more than one time whether the term visits stand for more visitors who Individually visit the website.

Unique visitors counted only once in but visits counted more than one.

The word unique visitor is also known as users whether the word visits known as session.

So these are the points which create a difference between many visitors and visit.

How Can You Measure Unique Visitor ?

There are many ways to measure the unique visitors of a website. By using these ways you can major unique visitors very easily. You can measure the unique visitor of the website by –

  • Google analytics
  • Yandex.Metrica
  • Google Search Console
  • Adobe Analytics

By using these measuring techniques, you can easily count your unique visitors.

How do I Increase My Unique Visitors?

Website owners who want to establish their website always try to increase their unique visitors.

There are many techniques that can be very useful for you for increasing the unique visitors of a particular website.

  • For increasing the number of unique visitors, you have to advertise your content. Because advertisement helps you to provide your content to more audience.
  • If you use social media platform for increasing your unique visitor then it can be a good decision because social media platforms always provide a good audience to a particular website.
  • Write a Catchy title for your content because if your title has the potential to attract an audience then the unique visitors will automatically come to your web page.
  • For increasing the number of unique visited you have to focus on the on-page SEO of your website.
  • If you choose a long-tail keyword for your blog or website content then it will also help you to the game more unique visitors.
  • Promote your content on LinkedIn because LinkedIn gives web owner a good audience.