User Interface

User Interface is the display or visual part of a device or application. User interface determines how users interact with the device and it also controls the display of the device.

In simple words, you can understand that the way one controls the display and designs of tablets, computers, smartphones and likewise gadgets is known as the user interface.

All the widgets, Apps, shortcuts, menus, icons are comprised by the user interface. This means the user interface controls all these elements. User interface play a very important role between hardware and software.

User interface allows the Device owner to connect with the software of the device. It makes using the device easy for users and gives best device experience.

What are The 4 Types of User Interfaces?

There are basically four types of user interfaces that are different from each other. The name of these four types of the user interface is given below –

  • Command Line Interface
  • Menu-driven Interface
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Touchscreen Graphical User Interface

Command line interface –

This interface is not the user interface that you used on a daily basis. This kind of user interface is used in certain circumstances. While using this user interface, Users have to follow certain command lines.

Menu-driven Interface –

This interface is also similar to command-line interface. But in this user interface, users have to follow some commands given by the menus and icons.

Graphical user interface –

The graphical user interface is the most popular and user-friendly UI. Because most of the people use graphical user interface in their device.

While using this user interface you don’t need to follow any command. And the best thing is this UI is very easy to use.

Touchscreen Graphical User Interface –

Touchscreen Graphical User Interface is the part of graphical user interface because the function of this UI is little bit similar to GUI. In mobiles, tablets, Pad these user interface is used.

Where are User Interfaces Used?

User interface is basically used in scientific and engineering environments. It is used by programmers and system administrators.

User interface used to provide the way to connect with software through the hardware. It acts as a bridge between hardware and software.

Because of User Interface, people be able to use electronic tech gadgets especially touch screen devices.

How Do I Create a UI?

If you want to create or want to design any user interface than keep these things in your mind.

  1. Make a simple interface for your users. Because simple things provides best result to the users.
  2. While creating an user interface use all the elements of UI. And create consistency in your work.
  3. Create purposeful page layouts.
  4. While using colour and textures use colour contrast and strategies which goes with your interface.
  5. For providing more clarity and hierarchy use typography.
  6. Before launching your user interface make sure that your interface can communicate with the device or not.
  7. And make sure to check all the areas which can have default things.
  8. After finding the default solve it and then again check out the whole interface.