Vanity URL

Vanity URL is a unique URL that is created mostly for Brand purpose. Vanity URL is also known as a custom short link and branded link.

Vanity URLs are custom URLs which is descriptive and very easy to pronounce. This type of URL creates a memory in the mind of the user about a particular product or brand.

Vanity URL redirects URLs from one source to another. In short, you can understand that when a long URL converts into a short and customise link then it is called a vanity URL.

Vanity URL consists of the domain name of a particular website and this domain name particularly defines the business, brand or a particular keyword.

Vanity URLs are used in so many places like social media, print publication, emails marketing, and in offline services also.

What are the Examples of Vanity URL ?

There are a great number of big brands and small brands which use vanity URLs for marketing their brands even some influencers also use this kind of URL.

The best example of a vanity URL is tv or radio ads. Even print advertisement can be an example of vanity URL because a vanity URL does not look like a short link or a custom link.

Vanity URL is simply a link that contains a particular keyword followed by some hyphens. Most of the time vanity URL look the same as the below example.

Example : potential.

As I said above that vanity URL can be used in so many places. So people use this link according to their own purpose.

Guidelines for Using Vanity URL

If you are thinking of using a vanity URL then there is guidelines that you must read before using these URLs.

Use this URL carefully

As you know these URLs are created for special purposes so you should not use this URL everywhere. If your previous URL fulfill the purpose of brand then there is no need of changing url.

Give information about the link

if you placing a vanity URL in any place then it is important that you should give some information about this link. Because it is required for users to know where this link will bring them. That’s why this clarity is important.

Use vanity URL with SEO strategy

Vanity URL play a very important role in brand marketing. So if you use some SEO strategy then this Marketing will be more effective then before.

What are the Benefits of Using Vanity URL ?

There are numerous benefits of using vanity URLs. Some of the benefits have discussed below –

  • Vanity URL creates brand awareness in the mind of users.
  • These URLs increase trust in your brand because the vanity URL contains the brand name.
  • Keywords are also found in vanity URLs that’s why these URLs are good for SEO.
  • Vanity URLs are short and simple. So anyone can pronounce and remember this link easily.

How Can You Create Vanity URL ?

Follow the steps to create your own vanity URL.

Step 1. First, choose a particular hosting service.

Step.2 Then select the vanity URL which fully goes with your brand purpose.

Step.3 Now you have to buy the vanity URL as it is not available for free.

Step.4 After that you have to set up your URL shortener.

Step.5 Find your DNS setting page.

Step.6 And lastly Choose a domain for your vanity URL.