Venice Update

Venice is an SEO Update of Google that was launched in the year 2012.

This update has been made for changing the Google algorithm which affects Google search results.

Location-based search results provide more effective outputs than the other search results. When a visitor enters a particular term in a specific location in Google search.

This update has been made for improving the website ranking for local search results.

Venice update changes the search engine results from globally to local. This update has increased the numbers of users.

In the Venice update, Google has changed the rules for how they show local output results inside the organic search results.

When the Venice Update was Launched?

The Venice update was first implemented in the USA in February 2012. After a few months or in the month of May this Google update was made effective in Germany.

When this update was implemented all over the world then Google announced this update to the Webmasters and users very normally. Google introduced this update to make changes in search results or you can say to improve local results.

How Does Venice Update Works?

Venice update has been proved as an effective update because it increases the users of google more than the estimation by providing local results to their queries.

This means if a user will enter the term “Pizza” from a specific area in Google search then Google will provide the results for the term “Pizza” according to the local results.

After this update, Google starts displaying the results by using IP addresses or through the local settings available in the Google search.

For i.e, if Roshan searches any term or keyword in Google from Mumbai then Google will show the result on the basis of the location means on the basis of Mumbai.

Why are the Changes in the Venice Update Special?

The changes which have been done by the Venice update are really noticeable because it increased the frequency of local hybrid results.

Hence the update is quite old but Google still has the changes made in this update.

Because when you enter a term like a restaurant or something else in Google. Then Google will give you the local hybrid results with search results.

In local search results, less than 10 organic results are found in the result page of Google.

Because of the Vince update, now users get search results with local search results. That’s why the Vince update of Google is considered very special.

What is the Impact of Google Venice ?

Before the implementation of Venice update, Google used it’s place feature to provide information about any term on the basis of the location.

But after the implementation of Vince, users can get the result of any term on the basis of the local result very easily.

After Vince, the Google search results automatically show the result of a query on the basis of local intent.

Venice update also gives opportunities to small businesses to promote their business in Google.

Big businesses can also grab this opportunity provided by Vince for getting more growth in their business by doing Advance SEO.