Video Impression

Video impression shows the number of time your videos has been seen by your audience.

An impression counts when the thumbnail of your video shows to someone.

The more impressive your video gets, there will be more chances that people will watch your video.

Video impression increases the views of the video and also helps YouTube to grow.

YouTube Algorithm increases the impression of the video when it performs well.

This means when your video gets good watch time and high CTR YouTube Algorithm promotes it to more people.

How do I Make an Impression on a Video?

There is no particular way to increase the impression of your video.

Because if you share quality content in your video and use an impressive thumbnail then YouTube automatically shares your content to a broader audience.

But in case your video has no potential and if you use a low-quality thumbnail then your video will not be able to get more impression.

So, if you want to make an impression on your video then focus on creating high-quality content and thumbnail.

What is an Impression of Video Analytics?

In analytics, you can easily check how much Impression your video is having.

The analytics shows the impression on the basis of your video performance in the last 30 days.

What is the Difference Between Clicks and Impressions?

There are many people who get confused between clicks and impressions. But the difference between the two is very simple.

When your videos show to someone is called an impression. But when the person plays your video then it counts as click or view.

If your video is getting more impressions then there is no guarantee that you also get clicks.

Because click is totally based on your video thumbnail. If your video has an attractive thumbnail then the audience will play your video.

Can Impressions be Lower than Views?

No, an impression can’t be lower than views because if your video gets a high impression then your video can get more views.

In case your video gets a low impression then it will cause fewer views in your video.

How can I Increase my Impressions?

As I said above YouTube Algorithm automatically increases or decreases the impression of your video. But there are some factors that help you to increase your video impression.

• Focus on low competition keyword

If your YouTube channel is new then always try to use low competition keywords for your video. Because if there will no competition then your video will rank. So it automatically gets more impressions.

Negative keywords attract more people

In youtube, people attract more to negative keywords or to the words which create questions in the mind of your audience.

Target your audience

If you focus on your audience then you will easily get more impressions in your videos. Because when you target your audience you intentionally share your content with them and when they engage in your video.

Your video performance will increase which lead to more impressions. For targeting your audience you can take the help of geodemographics and age demographics of your video.