Virtual Server

A virtual server is a server that is used for recreating the functionality of a physical server.

Virtual servers are not found in physical form but their resources can be used by different users who have their control. Basically, the virtual server is located on the offsite data center.

With the help of a virtual server, now it is very easy to convert physical servers into multiple virtual machines which can operate the different operating systems.

It shares both the hardware and software resource to the dedicated servers or other operating systems.

What is the Difference Between a Server and a Virtual Server?

As both servers shares the same functionality but still there is a difference.

  • In simple words, you can refer physical server as a casual computer. Whereas virtual servers don’t have any existence.
  • Physical servers are powerful computers stored in data centers but the virtual server is not a computer it is a kind of software that can be created anywhere to provide computer resources for end-users by using computer programs and applications.
  • After installing a physical server business needs to install the operating system in their server hardware to run it. Whereas virtual server is very easy to use.
  • For beginners, physical servers are quite expensive but virtual server offers a very affordable price.

How do I Create a Virtual Server ?

Creating a virtual server is not that difficult a task you think. Because you can create a virtual server just by following the given steps

  1. First go to the class manager. Then access the virtual server tab.
  2. In the virtual server time you will see “Add virtual server link” option. Now click on that link.
  3. After that you need to fill some information like the name of your server, connection you will use and most important the URL host.

For example, if you use XYZ as your server URL then the client will use this name to mention the server.

  1. Now click on “ok” button to complete the process and for Saving the changes.

Is a Virtual Server Hardware or Software?

As compared to the physical server, a virtual server works on both hardware and software. But if you consider a virtual server machine then the virtual server will be treated like software.

Hence it is an OS (operating system) or application environment.

Why Virtual Servers are Better?

There is a numerous reason which says virtual servers are better than physical server. Some of the reason has been mentioned below –

  • Virtual servers reduce the hardware cost.
  • A virtual server is more effective in distributing server resources to its user.
  • Virtual server has better disaster recovery solutions.
  • Virtual servers efficiently utilize the energy and increase productivity among the staff.
  • Virtual servers also minimized downtime.
  • The virtual server needs fewer hardware components as compared to a physical server.

What are the Disadvantages of Virtual Server ?

As we know everything has its good or bad sides. The virtual server also has some cons.

• Virtual server is quite more complex than a physical server. If you are not familiar with virtual servers then it will be difficult for you to use it.

• Without moving the physical hardware you cannot move the virtual server.