Watch Time

As per the guidelines of YouTube, watch time refers to the time period your audience watches your video. Watch time helps you to know what kind of video your audience likes to watch. And it also lets you know how long your audience stays in your video.

The more audience watch your video, the more chances are your video will rank or get viral. If you see that your watch time is not good then by improving your content you can improve your watch time.

Overall, watch time is a parameter that helps you to understand your audience. That’s why it is important for a Youtuber to have good knowledge about Watch time.

Does Watch Time Matter on YouTube?

If you are thinking that watch time matters or not in YouTube then I must say a watch time really matters on YouTube because there are many factors and ranking matric of YouTube which totally depends on watch time.

As you know YouTube Matrics control the whole algorithm of YouTube. So having a good watch time is really mandatory for your YouTube channel.

How can I Increase My YouTube Watch Time ?

After knowing what is the meaning of watch time, now you know its importance. So if your YouTube channel has low watch time then you can increase it just by following the below-mentioned strategies.

Create Amazing Playlist

In order to increase the watch time of your YouTube channel then you should create a playlist for your content because when you create a playlist it helps the audience to find quality content of your channel.

It also engages the audience in your videos. But before creating any playlist keep in mind that your playlist must go with your content means you can’t put fitness content in a motivational playlist.

Select your Title Wisely

The title plays a very important role in ranking your content on youtube. Because interesting Titles always catch users’ attention. And the more users come to your video the more watch time you get.

Create an Interesting Thumbnail

Thumbnail is literally very very important for YouTube videos because in YouTube audience mostly click the content because of the thumbnail that’s why it is important for you to create an attractive thumbnail that forces the audience to click on your content.

Use Card throughout your Videos

Using the card at the ending of your video can be a good way to increase watch time because when you place a video card at the end of the video audience feels it is an important video for them that’s why they go to another video of your channel. Which leads to an increase in your watch time.

Try to Make Content on Long Tail Keywords

It has been seen that long-tail keywords have more potential than short-tail keyword because it attracts the attention of the audience to your videos.

And you know when the number of your audience increases the watch time will also increase. So focus on making content on long-tail keywords.