Web Hosting

Web Hosting is an online service that provides you with stable and secure storage for your website.

It is an activity that allows internet users to access your website. When you connect your website to the internet then you need storage for your website.

And at that time, the hosting service gives you the storage you need for the smooth running of your website.

Because when a user types the name of your website then your website name converts into an IP address.

The IP address is quite difficult to access for internet users that’s why web hosting converts the IP address to the domain name of a website.

But overall, you can understand that web hosting is the service that provides storage for your website. Different hosting plans provide different storage capacities.

How Many Types of Web Hosting are there?

The websites found on the internet are different from each other. That’s why the hosting provider company provides different hosting services as per their needs. As in there are generally 4 types of web hosting.

  1. Shared Hosting – shared hosting is the cost effective hosting service provided by the company. For small website this hosting service is perfect. And the best thing is you can share multiple website in one server through this hosting service.
  2. VPS Hosting – the term “VPS” stand for virtual private server. This hosting service is better than shared hosting. Under this hosting service one server can be divided in many vertual servers.
  3. WordPress Hosting – WordPress Hosting is an another type of hosting service which manage your content as a management team. This hosting service is for WordPress users.
  4. Dedicated Hosting – Dedicated hosting is one of the best hosting service for website. It’s because this hosting service totally belongs to you and your website.

How Do I Get Web Hosting?

You can easily get a web hosting Services from any web hosting provider company. You can get a web hosting service in just a few simple steps.

Step.1 Buy a domain name for your website.

Step.2 After buying a domain name, you need to merge your domain with a hosting service.

Step.3 And for doing that you need a hosting plan.

Step.4 When you buy a hosting service plan you’ll be able to build your website.

Which Hosting is Best?

There are many hosting service provider company that provides the best hosting plan at an affordable price.

In all hosting provider companies Hostinger, Bluehost, Hostgator and site ground are the best because they provide the best benefits at a reasonable price.

What Does Web Hosting Cost?

As I told you there are different types of hosting service which provides different benefits. So the price of these hosting services is also different. If you take a small plan then you have to pay a very small amount.

Which Hosting is Best for Beginners?

If you are thinking of starting a new blog or website then you don’t need to invest so much in web hosting because as you are a beginner you can start with small plans.

And in all hosting provider company Hostinger and Bluehost provide best service in affordable price to the beginners.