Web Mentions

Web Mention is a recommendation of W3C or you can say a standard of W3C.

When a website links with Webmentions then it describes a simple protocol to the linked website.

Web mentions act as information. Web mention doesn’t link URLs of other websites.

In simple terms, it can be said that web mention is a type of backlink. But web mention does not provide any URL or link to other websites.

Web mention was first published on 12 January 2016 as W3C working draft. Web mention was developed by the community of IndieWebCamp. After a year web mention converted the W3C working draft into W3C recommendation.

How does Web Mentions Work?

Web Mention only provides information about the other websites owners, which means it provides information about the name of the author, publisher, website owners and few good things about their content.

Web mentions provide information about other websites in one or two lines.

When a reputed blog mentions the name of a beginner blogger on their website.

Then the attention of the visitor really moves to the beginner blogger. Because a reputed website shared a good response to that Blog.

That is the reason why Web mention is treated as an important tool for SEO. Because web mentions help bloggers by increasing traffic on their websites.

What is the Need of Web Mention in SEO?

After knowing what web mention means, you must be thinking that web mention is nothing but a backlink.

It’s not true that web mentions are a backlink. It seems like a backlink but the function it performs is different from backlinks.

Web Mentions are important for a website because Google crawlers can’t crawl it.

By providing information about the other website, web mentions help in increasing the traffic of blogs.

If a website owner wants to get traffic from Webmention then they have to collaborate with the popular bloggers.

Because if you collaborate with a website who has 60,000 to 70,000 traffic.

Then with the help of Web mention maybe 30,000 people will search about your blog in Google.

In this way your blog will get recognition from Google and also get traffic too.

What are the Benefits of Web Mention ?

Web Mentions provides numerous benefits to the website owners. The benefits of web mentions are discussed below.

  • Web Mention is a free backlink service. Web mentions fall in the category of high quality backlinks. So using web mention, one can easily increase the traffic of a website for free.
  • Web mention converts readers into followers. This means the readers or visitors of popular blogs convert into the followers of normal blogs.
  • With the help of web mention website owners can build strong relationships with popular bloggers.
  • If you are a new blogger or your website is new then by using web mention you can index your content very fast.
  • Web mention also helps website owners to create a branded website.
  • Web Mention also helps in reducing bounce rate.

What are the Drawbacks of Web Mention?

No doubt that mention provides many benefits but still there are some drawbacks of web mention.

  • Hence no link is provided in Webmention, so visitors get confused with the same name of a website.
  • Sometimes bloggers won’t get a good conversion rate.