Web Traffic

Web Traffic is the traffic that is received by a website after a search result. Web traffic is the major portion of traffic on the internet.

The web traffic result is generated by the number of audiences visiting your post and the number of pages they go through.

The more traffic your website have the more popular your website becomes. High web traffic helps bloggers and website owners generate a good amount of income from their websites or blogs.

If a person creates their website as a hobby then they don’t focus on web traffic. But one who is taking blogging seriously focuses on web traffic.

Most web traffic comes in an organic way but there are some companies that offer schemes to generate web traffic for a particular blog.

SEO helps web owners to get organic traffic. And Google only likes organic traffic. If anyone uses paid web traffic then it can harm the reputation of the website and blog.

What are the Types of Web Traffic ?

After knowing what is the meaning of web traffic. Now it’s time to know its type. Web traffic has different types and the types of web traffic have been discussed below –

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is the main traffic of a website it comes from the Google search result. When a person searches any keyword on Google and goes to a particular website.

Then the person is counted as an audience of that website and the number of websites creates traffic for that website. SEO helps owners to generate organic traffic.

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is also important for a website. When a user types the direct URL of a website or a blog then the generated traffic is known as Direct traffic.

Referral Traffic

When traffic is generated after clicking on the website link then it is known as referral traffic. Active link building helps web users to generate referral traffic.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the marketing techniques to generate traffic for a website.

Paid Traffic

When the traffic of the website comes from the paid audience then it is known as paid traffic. Paid traffic is not good for the health of the website. That’s why it is not advisable to generate paid traffic.

Which type of website get more traffic?

The website which contains more written information in it gets more traffic than other websites. It has been seen that 40% of traffic on the website comes from written content websites and 30% of traffic comes from video content websites.

How can you improve website traffic?

The best way to generate website traffic has been discussed below –

  • Write SEO friendly content
  • Socialize your website
  • Promote your blog or website
  • Write interesting headlines
  • Target on-page SEO
  • Focus on Long-tail keyword

Does website traffic make money?

Yes, if your website has a good amount of traffic then your website will be able to make more money for you. That’s the reason why a webmaster always focuses on generating good traffic on their website.