Whois is a protocol of queries and responses which widely serve the querying service. This service is mostly used to analyze the information of an Internet resource like domain name, autonomous system, IP address, and so on.

Maybe you are wondering that whois is a short form or acronym of any word. But let me clear your information; Whois is neither a short form nor an acronym.

The word Whois is just used for this question – “Who is the responsible person for this domain name?

What is a WHOIS record?

Whois record is not a fixed record. It varies from registrar to registrar that how they will prepare their Whois record.

But registrar needs to record all the important information about the domain in the whois record.

Whois record mostly includes the name of the registrar and the created, updated, and expiry date of the domain name.

Whois records also contain the name servers of a website. These records contain the contact records of admin, registrant, and technical contacts. In the contact records, whois keeps the name of the person or organization’s name, phone number, and address details.

But this information is not found correct most of the time because of the third party excess. That’s the reason why one cannot trust the whois record.

How does a WHOIS work?

If you want to look at all the information of a particular domain name then you can access the information of any website’s generic domain name.

All the top-level domain has one authoritative registry Which helps users to send emails to that particular domain.

Who can access WHOIS?

A person who has a good internet connection can access the protocol of whois to check the identity of the domain registrant and to search the database of a particular subject.

Is WHOIS illegal?

Yes, whois is totally legal. ICANN organization’s agreements have stated that the information of whois can be used for any lawful purpose. But it cannot be used for any marketing purpose and for doing spam.

Why is WHOIS used?

Whois is used for storing the information of the ownership of a domain name.

This record has been made because of listing and identifying that who is the owner of a particular domain and if needed then anyone can contact the Owner of a domain name with the help of this record.

Is WHOIS safe?

As per my research, I found that the service and protocol of whois is not safe as per the point of view of security & privacy.

Although it bypasses your front-end website then also it doesn’t provide any clear information about querying logs.

Why is WHOIS public?

This is a very obvious question asked by many that why it is public?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. The whois public because it helps the normal internet users to check the heavy database of a domain name.

Is WHOIS Privacy free?

Yes, the privacy of whois is absolutely free. Anyone can get the whois privacy for free.